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Harding Park


Hello TT,

Have any of you guys or gals played Harding Park?  I'm heading to SF tomorrow and am thinking about sneaking out for a round  Any advise on how to get on and score low?


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  1. Todd T

    It's easy to get on, but not being a city resident will dent your wallet... Scoring, stay out the rough!

  2. Jason C

    Did you make it out to Harding Park like you planned? I'm going to SF in May and want to play it. Did you or any othe TT players enjoy it? What other great courses should I play in SF?



  3. Justinu3

    I'll let Josh chime in but I believe he gave a review over on FootJoy's Community.  Sounds like a great track.  I'll try to hit it up next time I'm out that way!

  4. Hotsauce

    I did make it to Harding.  It was an epic time.  The layout is fantastic, the greens roll true, and the views are pretty awesome.  I had a great time watching the Champions Tour this year when they came back to Harding.  It's a great experience.

  5. Jason C

    Thanks for the feedback and Thanks for sharing a few pics. I too watched a lot of the Champions Tour event and the course looked great! It's always fun to watch tournaments played on great courses that I have been fortunate enough to play. I look forward to adding Harding Park to the list in May



  6. Fred C

    Great pics Josh - Harding is on our list the next time we go to CA, hopefully this spring or summer. What was the green fee?

  7. Hotsauce

    Unless you're a SF resident, it's north of a $100.  I want to say is was 140 or something.  I played mid week at 1.  I'm sure it more or less depending on when you play.

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