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No TT members in North FL?

Nate S

I can't believe that none of you guys live in north FL. I move to the one state that has like three tt members. just my luck

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  1. JOHN B

    What makes you think that?  I do...

  2. Don O

    The voting for where to hold some sponsored TT events indicates that there are a lot more than 3 in the Sunshine state.  However, you do know that to go south in Florida, you drive north.  While many pros live in Orlando and directionally south of there, north of there you meet a few players with names like Bubba or Boo.  The number of TT members may disproportionatelly be in Orlando and south.

    You might want to invite cold weather members to come to N.FL. in late February - when we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground and even orange balls bury themselves too deep to find.

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