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Travel Bag/Cover

Gerald R

I am looking to purchase a travel bag.  I have a Tileist Stand bag.  What travel bag/cover does anyone recomend

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  1. Todd T

    Every time this topic comes up Club Glove

  2. Todd T

    Don't forget the stiff arm!

  3. Hendy



    I had the same dilemma.  I did some "recon" and ended up buying the Club Glove Travel Bag.  They make 2 versions, one for a carry bag or small bag and one for the tour bags (think it's called the "last bag").  I paid $219 at Golfsmith for it and it's awesome.  Make sure you purchase the "stiff arm" for whatever you buy.  It protects the clubs when in the plane (for the most part).


    Hope this helps.



  4. 19hole

    The only bag to even think about is the "Last Cover" from Club Glove.

  5. SGB

    Hi Gerald,

    We just got back from a golf trip to the West Coast and normally I pack my "cart" bag in my Club Glove with the stiff arm..This time I said I was going to take my Titleist 14-Way Premium Stand Bag packed in the Club Glove again with the stiff arm and it worked out PERFECTLY!! LOTS of room to put in the extra balls, towels, rain gear and with the two shoe pockets, the spare pair of shoes.

    Customer service (if you ever need them) is also great at Club Glove too! 

    We wouldn't use anything other than the Club Gloves and the stiff arms!

  6. Blake W

    I got a Club Glove when I played in college and I have used it ever since.  I take my clubs everywhere I go, and it has always been a great travel bag!

    Hope this helps!

  7. AGP5000


    Just a tip of advice from a fairly seasoned sales traveler, ship them fed-ex with the Club Glove bag.  I do NOT trust airlines with clubs & Fed-Ex is WAY cheaper then checking them in typically.   

    UPS is roughly 30-40% more to ship round-trip as compared to Fed-Ex fyi.

  8. Todd T

    Only flaw with shipping is.. You're without your clubs for a few days and I like to practice up until the day before I leave.

  9. greg p

    Just curious, what do you typically pay to use Fed Ex?  I got a quote for $285 to ship 30# bag to Hawaii from Chicago.  ONE WAY!

    And that is with the "25% golfer discount ".  Shipping Chicago to San Diego is a little less painful at $75/each way.

    It certainly is not cheaper than checking them in.

  10. Tarheelnation3

    I've had the SAME club glove bag for the past 10 years with the stiff arm and I have flown all over the world to play golf and not ONCE have I had ANY issue.  You can't go wrong with both of those items and well worth the investment!!!

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