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Anybody here played Kapalua?


I personally don't believe the season starts until next week, but I always enjoy watching the TOC at Kapalua.  I've never been to Hawaii, although my wife talks about it non stop.  Has anyone here played Kapalua?  It looks epic    

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  1. Joseph D

    I was in Hawaii for my honeymoon in May. Got to play Kapalua, Royal Ka'anapali (both on Maui), and Poipu Bay (on Kauai). Kapalua was absolutely gorgeous. Seeing it on TV does not do it justice. The changes in elevation were crazy, fairways were wide, and greens were large. The views were absolutely breathtaking, sometimes it was tough concentrating because I just wanted to check out the views. As I watch the Hyaundi TOC from my living room in Massachusetts under 18 inches of snow, I dream of the day I can get back there.

    I took my clubs when I went over there, since I was playing 3 times. If you were going to play just Kapalua you could prob get away with renting sticks there cuz they have titleist clubs.

    I would definitely suggest trying to get out there. I would love to go back!

  2. Brian D

    I have played Kapalua.  It was about 16 years ago.  They used to have 3 seperate courses, not sure they are all in tact still.  Great views of the ocean and the islands.  Lots of evavation changes for sure.  The course was in perfect shape and played very fair.  Not a bad way to end one year and start the new season in the next.

  3. Mike C

    I have been fortunate to play the Plantation Course quite a bit and it is one of my favorite courses.  The Coore-Crenshaw team did an excellent job integrating the course into such extreme terrain.  The elevation changes on the course are unreal on some of the holes and the TV does not do it justice.  The yardage sounds crazy long but the course is very playable.  I think some of the most challenging areas are the greens where the slope can be hard to read (i.e., you think you are going down but you are actually going up) and often times the grain goes in the opposite direction. 

    I was looking through some pictures earlier today and found the attached representing Team Titleist on the #18 Tee Box during a round in 2013.  If you are ever in Maui, be sure to make a stop to play the Plantation Course if you have a chance.  Last time I checked they used Titleist equipment for the rentals so if you don't have your clubs, you can still use the best equipment in golf!


  4. Michael B

    My wife took me to Maui when I retired in '95. I played The Bay Course, I don't think the Plantation was completed. I used rental clubs, because I didn't know how much golf I would play. It was beautiful and I always said I would love to go back. 

  5. Albert L

    On Maui, Kapalua is stunning. The Bay course is pleasant, but Plantation is a brawny, stunning test of golf. As with all courses in Hawaii, wind is a real factor. 

    However, my favorite golf course in Hawaii is on the Big Island: Mauna Kea. Wind is really tough here, but the golf course is stunning. In third place is Hualalai Golf Course. 

  6. Dan H

    Awesome Pic Mike C!!  Very cool opportunity!!

  7. Dan H

    Nice pic Mike C!!!  Very Cool!!!  

  8. Joseph D

    prior to getting my 913d2 :)

  9. Hotsauce

    Awesome pictures. My wife and I are heading there in a month. The sticks are coming with and Kapalua is on the list!

  10. bigearnucsd

    it's a must play course! i played there 2 years ago and just blew me away.  can't wait for a chance to play there again.

  11. Hotsauce


    it's a must play course! i played there 2 years ago and just blew me away.  can't wait for a chance to play there again.

    Every day (it feel like) I wake up and shovel, I'm just dreaming of Kapalua...  See you Saturday

  12. Joe h

    The Bay course is spectacular.   My favorite hole is the par three tee shot over the cliffs with crashing waves to the green.

    Fun fun place to play.

  13. Hotsauce

    Hi TT,

    I just got back from Hawaii and was lucky enough to tee it up at the Plantation course at Kapalua.  What an experience and well worth the hefty price tag.  I can't tell you how much more respect I have for the Tour Pros.  The greens here are nearly impossible to read.  Downhill putts are like glass and uphill putts are like velcro.  The grain went everywhere and was really hard to navigate. Not to mention the scenery is a bit distracting to say the least.  There were whales jumping right off the cost.  It's an experience I won't ever forget. 

  14. Hotsauce

    The only thing not perfect about this course was my swing

    Gotta game a Hula in Hawaii 

    I hit my best drive of the day on 18, and there's no way I could reach.  The green is so tiny and there's Jurassic park jungle in front of it.  I also didn't play the pro tees- there way way back there.  The Pros are so good.

  15. No'l

    Pretty cool photos, Josh! The course looks fabulous. Glad to hear you had a great time. Thank you for sharing them.
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