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Life is good with the 714 AP1


On a nice little vacation down in Florida with the family and playing Raptor Bay Golf Club in Bonita Springs.  I played today and had a tough round with the driver BUT the 714 AP1 saved my butt today...  What a difference between these and the 712 AP1..  More consistent, better results and most importantly more confidence when swinging these..   

Playing another round tomorrow at Raptor and hopefully a round Friday afternoon at Lake Nona with an old friend...

Highly recommend trying these out and if you get them, get fitted the RIGHT way, by a Titleist fitting specialist...

Picture below with my new AP1 714 at Raptor Bay... 

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Thanks for the update, Chris! You picked a good time to sneak away down south. 

    Enjoy the trip and play well! Put some low numbers on the scorecard for all of us up here in the polar vortex.

  2. Matt D

    thats awesome, I just picked up a new set of AP1's and can't wait to get them on the course

  3. george t

    If those 714's are like you say, they must be incredible, because I still think my 712's are fantastic.  Glad you're having a great time.  Snow, snow and more snow here in CT - enough already, it's time to thaw!!

    My parents used to winter down in Bonita Springs - too bad I wasn't a golfer back in those days.

  4. Scott H

    My 714 AP1's are itching to see the snow leave Cape Cod!!

  5. Scott H

    My 714 AP1's are itching to see the snow leave Cape Cod!!

    Enjoy the warm weather down south.

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