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Heading to CO for the WOO. Is anyone here playing in it?


Hi TT,

I'm heading back to the Keystone Ranch course in Summit County CO for a little homecoming golf tournament.  Every year they put on a 2 man scramble called the WOO (We're Open Open).  It's an absolute blast.  The course is a must play.  The RTJ jr layout is one of the most scenic course you'll ever see.  Is anyone here playing in it?

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  1. Mike C

    Looks like a beautiful setting Josh. Have fun and play well! Have a great time and be sure to share some pictures with the group.
  2. Hotsauce

    If you ever get a chance to play golf in Keystone CO, I highly recommend it.  Here's some snap shots from the round we played after the tournament.  My Buddy Dan and I shot 68 and placed third.  It was an absolute blast... if only it was more scenic.

  3. Mike C

    ... only if it was more scenic... yeah right Josh! 


    Looks like a great golf course and I love the panoramic views and elevation changes.  Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  4. Hotsauce

    Well the WOO was so much fun last year that I'm flying home and playing in it again!  I can't wait.  Golf tournaments are fun, but there's something extra special about a homecoming.  Dan-O and I are looking to better our bronze from last year.

    Wish us luck TT

  5. Speedy

    Good luck bud!!  The way you're playing this year, i think you'll do very well..  And what a beautiful course! 

  6. Jeff L

    Hey Josh--

    I think we were paired with you at this year's WOO. I was the fat dude that with the terrible game and was playing with my 13 year old who carried us for the day.  He's a Team Titleist junkie, and has been nagging me to get an account here forever.  I finally signed up tonight and was browsing around when I just ran into your post from awhile go...

    ..... so a belated "Thanks for playing with us. We had a blast."   Couldn't have asked for a better couple of dudes to get paired up with.  See you there next year I hope.

    (Or, if I've got the wrong Josh; ignore all of this :)

  7. Hotsauce

    Hi Jeff,

    You were definitely our playing partners!  Your son has some game for sure.  Maybe we can switch partners next year!

    In all seriousness I had a great time playing with you two, and I enjoyed talking TT with your boy.  Hopefully we see you again next year.

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