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Hawaii Golf

Mike C

I have been on a trip to Maui with the family for the past week and was able to sneak in a couple of rounds of golf and wanted to share the pictures with the group.  The first stop was on one of my favorite all around courses, the Plantation Course at Kapalua.  The only sketchy thing about West Maui can be the weather.  The first four holes started out somewhat soggy.  It was fortunate that I brought a FJ rain jacket and rain gloves!! 

Finally as we played the remainder of the holes the sun came out and all was dry.  The wind was up, as it always is, but we had a great time although the scores could have been better!  I am going to blame my putting on the fact that they had recently punched and sanded the greens.  I must have been the greens, not me.  Right??  Played with some great guys I met from Australia and could not have had better playing partners.  The remaining pictures look a little more like what you would expect from Hawaii golf.  It's amazing how quickly the rain can move in then back out again.


Finally, the number 18 closing hole on The Plantation Course at Kapalua.  I believe it is the longest hole played on the PGA Tour at over 650 yards.  At least it is downhill and generally downwind!

I was also able to sneak away and play a round on the Wailea Gold course.  This is a great course on the other side of the island and it was really good to me this week.  I was able to card five birdies for the round (which is a record for me) and was able to enjoy the Hawaiian sunshine for the entire round.  I have to share some of the credit for the five birdies to all of the Titleist gear in my bag as well as my trusty ProV1x ball!  The following are some shots from the Wailea Gold course.

All in all a great golf location and one I will be coming back to!  Heading back to the mainland tomorrow afternoon and back to the Texas heat for the summer but I won't be forgetting the five birdies in a round (or probably matching it) anytime soon!

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Great pics, Mike! Thanks for sharing. Some amazing views on those courses. 

    Nice work posting five birdies on the scorecard in a round. Good stuff.

    Safe travels!

    - Mike

  2. Hotsauce

    I love Hawaii, especially Maui.  If the wife would approve, I would move there and live in a shack.  Your pictures of Kapalua take me right back to paradise.  Thanks for sharing

  3. B.A.

    We go to Wailea a good amount and I always play the Gold and Emerald courses. The weather is almost always like that in Wailea. It could be raining on the entire island and just perfect in Waliea. 

    If you spend more time there, check out the Seahorse Swing deal. 

    I fantasize about moving there all the time. Maybe someday.  

    Nice job on the birdies!

  4. David S

    I agree Josh, Maui is the most beautiful island and would be a great place to live. We have visited the island 9 different times.
  5. David S

    We are going to Kauai in January, does anyone have any recommendations for courses that they have played. Thanks..
  6. Hotsauce

    David S

    We are going to Kauai in January, does anyone have any recommendations for courses that they have played. Thanks..

    the Prince at Princeville is amazing. It's a tough track with a lot of character. 

  7. David S

    Thanks, Josh.
  8. Dan H

    Mike C and Josh G; great pics to the both of you and wow am I jealous!!!

  9. Mike C

    Great pictures from Kauai Josh.  That's the only one of the main Hawaiian islands that I have not visited yet, but it looks great.  Love the waterfall just off the green, what a beautiful setting!

  10. greg p

    Nice, Mike!  We normally go in February but missed it this year.  (Of all the years NOT to go I understand that the Makena course was undergoing restoration.  Did you hear anything on it?   

    Loved to play there, because it was challenging, scenic, and "only" $100.  Other nice ones on the isthmus between the mountains that are even cheaper.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed yourself.Submit

  11. B.A.

    Just looking at this older thread. 

    I LOVED the Makena South course. They closed it for renovation when the economy turned "south" (haha) and never reopened it. Now they have closed the North course as well. 

    It was sold and is being redone and will be a private course when it reopens, if it hasn't already.


  12. Hotsauce

    re reading this thread is a dangerous thing.  It looks like we'll be in snow for the foreseeable future here in MA...  I wouldn't be surprised if I navigated to some travel sites this afternoon just to "check prices"

  13. Speedy

    Josh, if you find anything reasonable let me know...  

  14. Lee W

    I also played Kapalua in 2013. I had the same experience, every weather condition possible on the island within 18 holes! It was a blast and i would do it again in a heartbeat.

  15. mark t

    HINT=HINT Hawaiian has decent rates from San Diego, San Jose, Oakland. to Maui.  Its getting there that you have to search.  Also timely.

    Sometimes there are good rates from LV to Maui, but got to be lucky... 

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