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george t

My wife and I are heading to Bermuda next month and besides the beauty and color of the island, I'm looking forward to a few rounds on their fantastic courses. The hotel we're staying at has a par 3 that I'll certainly play, and I'm counting on getting a round in at Port Royal. The last time I was there, I played the Mid Ocean club, so this time I'm also considering a round over at Tucker's Point. Have any members of TT played there? Thanks!

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  1. Speedy

    I've never been to Bermuda but I can only imagine how nice it is down there. Have a great time and looking forward to seeing some pics!

  2. Bruce S

    My wife and I took a cruise to Bermuda earlier this year and I played Port Royal but not Tucker's Point. If you're in Hamilton there's a really good Italian restaurant called Portofino and the guy's are from Italy. If you're in St. George's and if you want the best fish sandwiches try Mama Angie's Coffee Shop, it's a little hole in the wall but the fish sandwiches are to die for.
  3. Andre T

    Played Mid-Ocean and Tucker's Point last month, we had a long couples weekend stayed at the same hotel in South Hampton.. So my buddy and I played Friday and Saturday.. You will enjoy the course a lot and don't be afraid to play the tips.. We enjoyed the Italian restaurant next door to the hotel, very delicious..
  4. george t

    Did you play the hotel's course? And the only thing I've heard about Tucker's is that it's target golf. Is that true? Not that i mind target golf, I just prefer playing that style of golf on a course I'm familiar with.
    And thanks for the dining tips too!
  5. greg p

    Don't forget to pack the knee socks!!! Have a great time.
  6. Andre T

    sorry for the late response, I would say some what it is a target golf course but you still have trouble lurking because its so hilly.. Lot of holes similar to Mid-Ocean.. I did not play the hotel course, just because it was a par-3 course, but was tempted to play it.. It looks great and you would only need 2-3 clubs to play it, Ha Ha Ha,,
  7. Doug E

    I have raced, cruised and delivered sailboats to Bermuda from New England and/or the Caribbean many times. (17 times to be exact.) Unfortunately, back when I was a die-hard offshore sailor, golf was just a secondary, occasional pastime, so I never made playing in Bermuda a priority. I missed out. I am ready to go back, just to play golf this time. And this time I think I might take a plane. I'm done getting beat up at sea.

    Now is a good time to go, before hurricane season gets too active, though it is somewhat already. (I was stuck in St. George's Harbor in Bermuda during a hurricane late in October in the early 2000s, on board my sailboat, on my way to the Caribbean for the winter.) Many people don't realize that Bermuda is at the same latitude as South Carolina and is 900 miles north of the Caribbean, all alone, out in the middle of the Atlantic. Just writing this post brings back many great memories of my many visits there. I've got to get back with my Titleists, now that I actually have a decent game and can really appreciate some of their magnificent courses.

    FYI, Portifino is my favorite restaurant on Bermuda. I have dined there on many occasions. Whenever I got over to Hamilton, Portofino was on the agenda. I once took my whole race crew and their wives to dinner there after one race to Bermuda from Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts. Could have bought a set of new Titleists for the price of that meal!
  8. george t

    Bermuda weather is funny. While it was gray and threatening where my wife was at Horseshoe Bay, it was sunny and hot at Port Royal.
    I've had back issues for the past six weeks, and my left side features sharp knee and ankle pain, with needles and pins numbness in my foot. So while I wasn't letting this golf opportunity go by, I had no expectations of a good round.

    Well, I played better than expected, but didn't live up to the birdie - birdie run on the 15th and the signature 16th. I hit the 16th green, but was one full club short. My birdie putt from the Bahamas was 10 feet short, and I left my par putt 2 inches short. My inexperience with Bermuda greens resulted in 3 3 putts. Toss in one misadventure with two bunker shots rolling back in to the bunker, my day was a plus 9, 80. Not a stellar round I know, I am happy.
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  9. Speedy

    Nice pics George and thanks for sharing!!! Hope your back gets better soon!

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