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Team Titleist Pinehurst Invitational

Robert C

I'm sure we're all excited about this.

So with us being just over a month away, I thought it might be time to give this discussion a bump on everyone's plans.

Particularity if you signed up as a single and wouldn't mind changing to a double. That is my case, I don't mind being the single, but certainly never mind saving a few bucks for a room that is basically just going to be slept in a few hours each night.

As for plans, as of now I will probably get in just an hour or two before the Wednesday night get together, so not much going on there.

I'm undecided on Friday/Saturday now. I could stay for another local round, or I may just head up to Raleigh and visit a niece and her husband.

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  1. dennis n

    Very cool of Titleist to do this, unfortunately I have a work commitment and cannot attend but I'm looking forward to the upcoming fun all involved will certainly have and the tweets and emails. Have a great time.
  2. Chris92009

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    I will be on a tight schedule coming in and leaving however, I would enjoy staying longer but cannot...

    If you have the ability you will be rewarded by some awesome golf!
  3. ben b

    You should stay and play course no 8!
  4. Robert C

    ben b

    You should stay and play course no 8!

    I've played 6 and 7 and we'll be playing 4. So that would round out all the premier courses for me.

    But I may try and do the Dormie Club, if I do have time for another round. Although there is a possibility that I may have to head home Friday night.

    Although there is a chance I'll have to head home Friday night.
  5. Chuck Z

    Driving up from Charleston Wednesday and back on Friday with one of my golfing buddies. Need to get back, it's football season in the south and SEC football is a way of life, sorta like golf. Looking forward to a great event and let me say that Titleist does an outstanding job. Last years event at Southern Pines was excellent.
  6. Edward K

    I was just at Pinehurst, an outing with my buddies......As usual, it was fantastic.......Of course, we had planned this outing back in January, or I would have ditched them for the Team outing......LOL
  7. greg p

    I had a commitment that week that subsequently got I'm way down on the wait list.

    You guys are going to have a blast!

    We expect lots of photos...
  8. DV

    ben b

    You should stay and play course no 8!


    #4 not too shabby either.
  9. David M

    I was just in Pinehurst/Southern Pines/Sanford this weekend playing Tobacco Road with some friends/clients. One afternoon we stopped and watched a couple groups finish on #2. It is such a special place.

    I am thinking of staying an extra night just to see the things I never get to see the 2-3 times I am there every year. I want to get over to the Tufts Archives if I stay.
  10. Steve R

    I just made it today from the waiting list, and I am stoked. I can't wait.
    I am registered as a single but could make it a double if someone is interested.

    To the ones that have played the two courses, please send your game plan smile

  11. Fred C

    I'll be there and may show a bit early to play Pine Needles or an additional day at PH to walk #1 and #3. Those two are fun to play.

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