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Ryder Cup Style Events for Amateurs

D. Coble T

Hello TT While viewing last weeks memorable Ryder Cup, some pals and I were discussing putting together a Ryder Cup style golf outing event. I often organize group trips with some friendly wagering on the side, however this just got me thinking that it sure would be fun to participate in a tournament that was "team" involved, even if it was only a four or two-man team over a 2-3 day period. Team Titleist would be the best host I can imagine!

Perhaps your group could kick this idea around & suggest if this is available already through an organization. Some friends are members of private Clubs that host various events throughout the year, but nothing quite like the Ryder Cup format. Perhaps something locally, then regionally with winners advancing?

Best, CT

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  1. Chris92009

    Interesting thoughts...hope to hear more in the future!
  2. pulplvr

    We do this among a larger group of golfers that split between two courses a few years ago. Two captains are chosen and they split the players who sign up to play into two teams (one is not always on the same team from year to year). The Captains then pair the players so that like handicaps play against each other and we play scratch. Play is 18 holes, 6 four ball (better ball), 6 foursomes (alternate shot), and 6 singles. Each section is worth one point, so a total of 4 points for each match (one for four ball, one for foursomes, and one for each of the two singles). The team that has the highest point total at the end of play wins the "Cup" for the year. The course where we usually play this even has an extra par-3 hole so that ties can be played off on the course, instead of using a scorecard playoff or blind draw. Works well. Requires only a one day commitment. Everyone can have fun and contribute. Encourages team spirit and cameraderie.
  3. Andrew A

    After living in MD for a few years, they held a Potomac Cup against VA players which was a great time. I belong to a club now in NC that plays an intrastate cup tournament against another club. It's a great time and introduces a lot of players as future member guest partners.

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