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Pinehurst or Arizona

Chris 13

It's that time of year again where the temperatures drop in the north and its golf trip planning season. A group of friends and I are perusing our options for a March-April getaway and we are looking at the Pinehurst area or Arizona. I'm interested in hearing recommendations and experiences with either destinations. Thank you in advance.

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  1. play18

    I just got back from Pinehurst and love the courses (played #1, 2, 4 and 9) hospitality and southern culture. Arizona golf is wonderful and climate is milder during the winter, but Pinehurst offers more than just golf.
  2. vurich

    Chris, since I live in Arizona, there really is no better place to play this time of year. North Scottsdale is the premiere place to play with TPC, Silverado, Troon North, the Boulders, too many to name. Here are few pictures of Winter Golf in Arizona.
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  3. Doug E

    March-April, I'd pick Arizona. Late April-May, Pinehurst. More expensive in Pinehurst. Shoulder season in Arizona, so a little less expensive than prime winter season. My 2 cents.
  4. Gary D

    I have gone on vacation and spent 7 days indoors looking at the rain come down through the window. If it was me, I would go to Arizona, less of a chance of bad weather and world class golfing is prevalent.
  5. DV


    I have not played in AZ but I have been to Pinehurst many times. The Pinehurst area is a much smaller community than Scottsdale/Phoenix area which to me is a big plus. Easier to get around here and much quieter community. Pinehurst is not a big area for nightlife like AZ is. It's a lot more laid back and this is why I keep coming back to it. There are a lot of interesting golf courses here other than Pinehurst courses 1 thru 9. If you're on a budget then this should factor in to your choice of courses. If you have to play Pinehurst then play #2, #4, #8, #9 if they are in your budget. If you want to play some real nice golf courses and save some dough I would recommend Talamore, Pine Needles, Anderson Creek, Dormie Club, Legacy, Mid South. Tobacco Road (about 30 min North) and Tot Hill Farms (about 1 hr west) are unbelievable golf course and they are highly recommended if you have game. These 2 course may very well be the 2 most memorable golf courses you will ever play. You will find if you play golf here that the courses will not have homes and condos on top of the fairways. Actually most of the courses will not have any resisdences that are in sight which makes this a big plus for me. The golf courses are in very quiet residental communities so you will not be distracted by loud traffic noise either.

    I usually eat at a Sports Bar called the Tavern or another good restaurant in oldtown Pinehurst is called Duggans. The food is awesome at both these eateries.
    Hope this is of some help. I'm actually headed down thier next week as thier are many bargains this time of year.

    Best Wishes,

  6. James N

    I've been to Pinehurst and loved it, however the courses do tend to be the same ( except for #7 & #2) . Pinehurst is more secluded and reserved. Scottsdale is where you want to go. Great tracks, great variety, more memorable golf, many more places to eat and drink. Weather is great ( less chance of rain). Probably the same cost if you play the best courses in the area ( Troon, Grayhawk, Boulders, etc)
  7. Denis C

    There are certainly a wider variety of courses in the Pinehurst area in a smaller and more compact area, but you have a better chance of good weather in Arizona. Don't just go to the Pinehurst Resort, there are many others in the area as good at a much lower price point.

    Pinehurst is in a rural area - the population of Moore County is about 90,000 people whereas Scottsdale alone is several hundred thousand and part of the millions in the greater Phoenix area.

    I would suggest doing both - one this year and one the next or in a couple of years.
  8. John T

    I've played both venues and you can't go wrong with either one. It does depend somewhat on what you are looking for.

    It will be warmer in Arizona and you will be playing in a desert environment with beautiful vistas. You will see green on the courses but everyplace else will be different shades of brown. It's the first time I've seen workers raking dirt to do landscaping.

    At Pinehurst you will feel like you are walking on hallowed grounds. The golf history, memorabilia, pictures of all the greats and artifacts are quite breathtaking.

    If you do go there be sure to play #2 and take a caddy on that course. You will not figure out the greens on your own nor know to land the ball 40' away from the pin to let it funnel towards the hole on some of the greens.

    You can stay and play several of the 9 courses on the main property or you can try some of the other courses in the area.

    I guess my preference would be Pinehurst for the reasons above.
  9. BGustafson

    I live in Arizona and vote for Pinehurst in April. Played there in February and loved every minute. You will have the choice of walking or riding (except No 2) and enjoying a caddy (recommended). Also Pine Crest Inn only exists at Pinehurst.
  10. Jim P

    Chris, played Pinehurst 2, 4, 6, and 8 and couldn't be more impressed. The trip to Pinehurst in late April is just what your group needs. Ever thought about going to Alabama and playing RTJ Trail?
    Arizona is wonderful this time of the year, and Vurich is right, there are some great courses in the surrounding Phoenix area.
    Good luck
  11. Ron P

    For March or April I would recommend Arizona. During that time you could still catch some "iffy" weather in Pinehurst. That won't be a problem in Arizona. Also the courses in Arizona will probably be in better condition as the burmuda grass in Pinehurst will probably not be at its best in March or April.
  12. Michael C

    I'm partial to Pinehurst haven't been to Arizona but Pinehurst is awesome great courses and hospitality, and if you venture a few miles there are more great courses like Dormie Club (Core and Crenshaw design) Pine Needles and Mid Pines, Pinewild the list goes on so my vote is Pinehurst and the weather March and April is great...
  13. Bill B

    Our golf group has gone to Arizona every March for the last 10 years and we love it. There are no rain outs and the combination of golf in the mornings and watching Spring training baseball in the afternoons can't be beat.
  14. RCollins

    Have been fortunate enough to be going to both places for past several years. Very easy to recommend AZ in spring. Weather is much more predictable , and the fairways and greens are already grown in. The weather in Pinehurst can still be iffy. And the grass hasn't fully come back. AZ in spring. Pinehurst in fall.
  15. TERRY S

    If you've never been to Pinehurst you need to go. There are 30 some courses other than the "Pinehurst" courses and many are outstanding and reasonably priced. The golf history you will experience at the Carolina hotel and at the resort ( you don't have to stay there or play there) you can't find anywhere!!!
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