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Travel Bags

Joe M

Love everything Titleist! I'm in the process of doing a search for a travel bag to protect my AP's and Scotty. Always had a soft case but was thinking about switching to a hard case for my next Florida trip. Any experiences with travel bags? Haven't been able to find a Titleist bag locally.

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  1. Don O

    The Titleist Club Glove can be ordered through any Titleist retailer. Mine came through my pro shop. Club golf sells an extender pole to protect from the top that came from a local golf retailer. Mine travels frequently on business with me and space is often at a premium in a rental from the airport. It fits in most mid-sized cars w/o extending into the passenger area.
  2. Bruce S

    I would recommend a Club Glove and get a stiff arm too. I would stay away from hard cases but jmo.
  3. Speedy

    I don't think Titleist makes hard cases, just soft case. I have both (non-Titleist) and with the soft case, you get so much more room. If you get a soft case, highly recommend getting a stiff arm, this will protect your woods. I got one this year and it does a great job. Also, someone gave me a good tip about putting the rain cover on and stuffing it with shirts or bubble wrap to give it that extra protection. It's a pain but it does a great job.

    I'm actually going to FL next week and debating which one i should bring.. There's 6 of us going and thinking of the hard case at the moment since we're renting a van and they'll be one bag on top of the other....

    Enjoy your trip!
  4. Robert C

    In my opinion and experience. With just about every driver and FW having removable heads now, I don't see the need for a stuff arm

    Just remove the head wrap them in a towel and put it in the garmet section off your bag.

    Also a helpful hint. Snap a picture on your phone or your clubs settings in case you forget when you go to replace it.
  5. Hotsauce

    I've traveled with my sticks a ton and the club glove with the stiff arm hasn't failed me yet. I don't take the heads off, or bubble wrap or anything- I just wrap my rain gear (jacket and pants) around my sticks and zip it up.
  6. Joe M

    Thanks for the great advice. Never thought of removing the heads. Great idea
  7. Todd T

    Get the Club Glove and Stiff Arm.... Theres a reason must Pros use and support it!

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