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Rocking the TT bag tag!!

Jeffery M

64 degrees in February in Northwest Ohio. Crazy!! Played about a dozen rounds so far this year and love my new Vokey wedges and the new ProV1x. Shot my best so far today 76. Thanks Team Titleist for making it happen!! Looking forward to a great season.

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  1. Chuck Z

    Sweet. Double dipper, I see. Congrats.
  2. Robert

    nice Jeffrey! I have the white plastic one also. the new one really looks sick. have a good season.
  3. N Anthony S

    Cool. I was hoping and praying I would get the new tag this year as well. Fingers are crossed!!
  4. MLB12

    Would love to Rock the new TT bag tag, some clown stole mine last fall @ my club.
  5. Chris92009

    Great looking bag tags!
  6. Greg L

    How do I get a TT bag tag?
  7. Steve S

    Nice. Would love to have one for myself.
  8. Mike C

    Looking sharp! Way to represent Team Titleist.
  9. Els

  10. DC

    Nice! Represent well!
  11. Patrick D

    I played twice over the weekend in northeast OH! First time I've ever crossed off February at home.

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