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More Bandon Pictures

Dale V

Thank you Team Tileist Staff for the updated TT bag tag. Looks great rocking the Titleist gear out here. Started the day with snow and ended in sunshine. Crazy place but I love it out here. We must do a TT trip some day.

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24 Replies

  1. Joshua B

    Great pictures...screensaver worthy. Hope the scores you posted turned out just as good!
  2. Rich T

    Excellent pictures, Dale! How many days are you staying?

    Bandon is #1 on my list to get to in the near future. I am trying to line it up for 2019.
  3. Barry B

    I guess that's one of the pitfalls of a winter golf trip. At least it went away quickly and you were still able to play!
  4. Kathy J

    Looks like you had a great time even with the ups and downs of Oregon weather.
  5. TAustell

    Nice pictures Dale! Your crew is a hardy bunch indeed to make Bandon a regular stop in February. I am headed to that corner of Oregon during Master's weekend for a couple of days to join a group of twenty die-hards. Hopefully we will catch some of the dramatic views that you have captured in your photos.....without the snow!
  6. Ralph C

    Great pictures, Dale! I've got to admit I'm a little jealous, still snowbound here in New England, and I'm suffering from golf fever...
    I have to compliment you on your excellent taste in headgear and bag, as I'm equipped identically! I can't wait to show off my TT bag tag, I'm half tempted to wear it around my neck like a rapper if this snow doesn't end soon!
    I like how you captured the spirit of Bandon. I hope to play it someday, it certainly seems worthy of its fame. Happy golfing!
  7. Blake T

    I love that bag! and what a gorgeous looking course, have fun!
  8. Rob_Roth1

    Love it!

    I am going to play streamsong next Thursday and I will get some TT pics as well!
  9. vurich

    Great shots, dale! Thanks!
  10. Sam K

    Very nice pictures!
  11. J.R. F

    Absolutely stunning. This would be on my list.
  12. John K

    Bandon looks spectacular. I’ve got to get out there. Dale, enjoy.
  13. Kenneth C

    nice pictures
  14. Luke R

    Very Cool! Hope you are playing and feeling well...
  15. MMasuhr

    Awesome Dale! Definitely on my bucket list of trips!
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