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Vokey Wedges

Jake C

I am in the market for new wedges. I have always wanted Titleist Vokey wedges and I have the money. Other then color, what are the differences of the chrome and black nickel wedges? Does the chrome and black nickel both wear off eventually? Do they both rust eventually? I think I like the black nickel better but was wondering if it preformed different from the chrome Vokeys. 

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  1. Christian J

    From what I understand the finish has no effect on the performance.  I have a black nickel swoosh VR Rev wedge, and on the bottom of the club you can see where it is wearing off a bit.  I have to admit it does look sharp for awhile, but then when it happens it isn't as sharp.  With my Vokey's though, which are the chrome color, and they are not wearing on the bottom.  Rust wise, everything rusts, but if you take care of your wedges they won't rust.

  2. Nick J

    To my knowledge their are no differences besides the color, same raw product with different finishes.  The Chrome is a satin, not a shinny mirror finish, so thier isnt a glare issue.  None of the three wedges will rust, previous models had a raw option which would rust over time. 

    Hope that helps!

  3. Cameron D


    They are both plated finishes that should not rust.  The oil can finish is the only finish that will tend to rust over time, since it is a stained finish.  The feel is subjective, so different players may have different opinions.  Performance will not differ between these two finishes. 



  4. Gator


    The Vokey wedge with the Oil Can finish to me has a little softer feel than the Vokey's with a plated finish (tour chrome & black nickel).  Also, contrary to some comments, the oil can vokey's will rust over time, especially when they get wet or if you play in a humid environment. Also the black nickel vokey, which has a darker finish, has the appearance of having a more compact look due to the darker finish.  All 3 finishes are great...

    Good Luck with your new Vokey's!

  5. jason s

    I have the oil can , and they have rusted and I would say the feel softer than my brothers black nickel. His black nickel do seem more compact but top notch wedges!!  My vokeys were one of my best purchases def above the competition.. Hope this helps.. Also I would try to find a place where you can try all different finishes

  6. Lou G

    I have a used black nickel SM4 52-12 and a chrome SM4 60-10 that I got brand new.  Great wedges.  The 52-12 looks good alongside the AP1 irons.

    Where the finish has been wearing off on my Vokeys in general (I've had a Tour Chrome 258-12; SM2 60-07 and 64-07;, SM c-c 50-08, 54-11, 54-14, 58-04 and 62-07) has been on the soles mainly because I practiced bunker shots a lot.  The 58-12 and the two 54s had been my main sand clubs until I got the 60-10.

    I might be the opposite but the black nickel seems to give a bit more feedback when hit.  The chrome models have felt softer. 

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