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SM5 Finishes - advantages of nickel

Nikhil R

What's the deal with the new Nickel finish? Is the gold'ish finish suppose to coordinate with the gold iPhones?  I get the chrome and black finish, and do lament the loss of raw finish. But what advantages does the nickel bring to the table?

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  1. Stephen M

    Not sure what 80% of that meant...The advantages of nickel plating is; corrosion resistance and durability.
  2. Nikhil R

    Thanks Stephen.

  3. Brice Waddell

    One other note - the Raw Black finish is in fact an unplated treatment similar to Oil Can on previous generation Spin Milled wedges. Although slightly more durable than Oil Can, the Raw Black finish will wear with use and expose the raw carbon steel underneath.

    Brice W.
    Titleist Golf Clubs Marketing 

  4. Nikhil R

    Thanks Brice. That makes sense.

  5. Nikhil R

    Nikhil R

    Thanks Brice. That makes sense.

    Brice,  I ended up getting the black finish and am loving them (60.04/52.08). As you indicated the finish will definitely wear off with use -- in fact, in just my first round the face was showing signs. This is fine by me as I really like the raw finish.

    Thanks again for your input. I"m a happy customer/convert!

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