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SM5 M Grind vs S Grind

Dimitris K


I'm looking to get some Titleist SM5 wedges, specifically a 54 degree and 58 degree but I don't know which grind to go for. Its between the S and the M grind. What are the differences? Which one is better for opening the face?

My swing is a neutral/sweeper and i normally play on medium ground which is what they are both say in their descriptions. What do you prefer and why? 


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  1. 19hole

    You should check out the Vokey website ( There is a lot of great information on how to select the right wedge for your game and the course conditions you play in.
  2. Stephen M

    S grind is very stable on full shots. Has some heel relief and trailing edge relief. If you like to hold your hands back and work the trailing edge, like Steve Stricker does, then the S may be the one.

    M grind is better for opening the face, as it has more heel relief, and more versatility for shot making.  Both are great grinds

  3. Nick T

    I play on medium grounds here in the Midwest and I ordered the 54s and 58m.  The look to have more of the heel ground down so it should be a bit easier to open the face.  

  4. joe c

    Hi Dimitris..

    i am a neutral/sweeper player who takes small divots with my irons and wedges and i play and prefer the M grind.

    the M grind works great for me as i play in very firm conditions most of the year here in texas. the M grind affords me to open or close the face while still maintaining a sole or leading edge on the ground. the sole is a crescent shape with a lot of forward bounce..the most bounce i have in any of my wedges is around 10 degrees. i play a 50, 54 and 58.

    the S grind has a full sole with a little relief in the heel. your options will be limited somewhat with the S grind.

    hope this helps and good luck!!


  5. Adam D

    My take on the M Grind is that with the more heel relief you'd be able to open the face easier and have it set more closely to the ground compared to the S Grind... I have the 56.10 M Grind and I love it.



  6. Frank P

    Just my opinion, but I like the M-grind because with the radius sole and relief in the heel, it's more versatile especially here in FL with our firm fairways and brillo-like rough. I carry SM4's, 54-11 & 60-10

                                                                                 Frank P 

  7. gorski00

    I just picked up a 60 degree S grind. I'm also much more of a sweeper than a digger. For me, since I don't switch wedges based on the course turf conditions, the S was a bit more of an all purpose for my swing type. One range session and I'm in love!
  8. Chris92009

    Find a demo and hit both in some may notice a big differernce...JAT

  9. Adam D

    I play TVD 52,56, and 60 with the M grind and have found that opening the face is a breeze with them. I usually play on "medium" ground although even when the course is softer or firmer the wedges seem to adapt nicely. I have not had any experience with the S grind though
  10. John T

    I am also more of a neutral/sweeper swinger myself with the occasional dig when going in to the green with a lower trajectory. I just went out to have a wedge fitting on the SM5's done last night. I fell in love with them immediately! I chose the 50 degree F grind, really the only option on the 50. The 54 degree S grind and the 58 degree M grind. The ball just screams off the face on fuller shots, and maintained distance control with ease. The heel relief will be very nice for green side shots. I would typically click a little with the heel when using my old Vokey 60 degree wedge on green side shots, the new grind sweeps right through with no problems. I would highly recommend these wedges.

  11. longballer

    i have 53 and 57 in s grind and 61 in t grind i absolutley love the s grind can do anything and the spin is remarkable

  12. Todd T

    The S worked best for me in 60 and 56 Mr Vokey showed me how to open it up to hit higher shots!
  13. George E

    I just bought sm5 54 deg m grind at dicks after hitting s and m grinds, I hit the m grind in the center of the face every time in the same spot, the s grind i still hit in the sweet spot but was all over the sweet spot, i ask what the difference was and they said the m helps shift weight to the cutting edge of the face and was easier to open up the face. What ever the difference its the only club in my bag i can hit the same spot every time, i love it.

  14. james h

    I didn't know Dicks carried Titleist stuff thats awesome.

  15. Steve H

    Thanks for the information. As a SM4 player it's good to see what other players are experiencing with the newer titleist wedges.
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