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SM4 wedges compared to SM5 Grinds

sean k

I am looking to swap out my SM4 wedges 54-11 and 58-06 to the new SM5 line up. I can't find exactly the same bounces and i am wondering if the new SM5 as 54-10 and 58-08 are close enough to what I already have. I am also wondering what grind would my old wedges be in the SM4 line up K,V,M or L? Also when i get close to knowing what to order in the new SM5 line up what would be the matching grind that would be the same in my SM4's Thank You

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  1. Cameron D


    The SM4 54.11 was an M grind, which is the same grind in the SM5 54.10 M.  The SM4 58.06 was an L grind and is most comparable to the SM5 58.04 L grind.  



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