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Spin milled

Paul G

Please explain what spin milled is. Please keep it very simple -- no technological garbage.

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  1. Cameron D


    Spin Milled is in reference to the the groove and face design of each Vokey wedge.  Every vokey wedge is designed to produce maximum spin and shot control, which is part of why they are referred to as "Spin Milled".

    I know you didn't want technical, but this is more about how they actually develop those grooves: A special circular saw style cutting tool (image of the saw on the toe of the wedge) is used to create precise, tighter tolerance grooves with maximum volume and minimum edge radii for cleaner ball-club contact and maximum spin performance.



  2. Chris92009

    Cameron, great response....I had never thought about Spin Milled and what it really meant! I guess one can learn something new everyday!  One of the benefits of being in this community I guess!

  3. Don O

    If you are trolling used bins (...or my bag), the original Spin-Mill wedges (red inlay) (not C-C or SM4 or SM5) have non-conforming U-groves.  It's the same technology to generate the groves, but C-C and later models deal with the change in rules on depth/shape of the grove milled into the face.  Not being in competition, I'm hoping I get enough wear before 2025 to justify replacing them.

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