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Swing weight on a shaft change

Don O

I'm looking to replace my AP1 45 PW and 48 Lob Vokey with a 46 Vokey bent to 47.  What can Titleist do with the swing weight if I replaced the standard wedge shaft with a TT 95 or KK graphite shaft?  I'd like to keep the SW between D2-D4.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hey Don - hope the weather is finally warming up for you!  The XP95 can be built to D2-D3 instead of the standard D3, but the KK shaft will build out at D0 -D1.  If you go to a slightly lighter grip, we should be able to get close to D2 on the KK and D3 on the XP.

  2. Don O

    Working with the Titleist fitter at the club on swing fixes off the mats so far.  Hoping to hit turf (finally) tonight and then work on a wedge fitting.  The better courses in the area aren't open, yet.  Dying to put all the theories on the ground.  The AP1 PW with a graphite shaft just doesn't have enough feel for anything less than a full swing. 

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