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New Vokey Store Release!!!

Cameron D Team Titleist Club Concierge

Team Titleist,

The Vokey Team is at it again!

Introducing a new SM5 Staff Bag, hat, FJ shirt, belt and belt buckle.

Use the link below to check out some of the newest items added to the Vokey Store.



13 Replies

  1. Speedy

    Picked up a Wedge, golf shirt and the belt buckle. 

    The bag looked sweet but a little too much for me....  

    Great release as always!

  2. Brian D

    Great release. Had to add the one of a kind belt buckle to my collection. I also couldn't pass up the shirt.

    I currently play both indigo wedges from prior special releases, but I wanted the SM5's in the bag, but needed to stop as the wallet was getting light.

  3. Curtis M

    Still saying the shirts need to have the Titleist tour patch back on them!     Still picked one up though, and the buckle.    Nest release so far this year.  

  4. Marc S

    Absolutley awesome release! By far the best in a while in my opinion. I can only imagine as a RH golfer the Indigo wedges are going to fly off the shelves at Vokey HQ. The Polo, buckle, etc. are all first class. Way to go!

  5. Speedy

    It's pretty sad to see the sweet SM5 golf bag is already on eBay and listed well above the original price..  Who are these people?

    I feel bad for the true golfers wishing they had the chance to buy one online before running out.  

  6. Chris92009

    The shirt is one of my favorite fabrics at FJ! The bag was also a great surprise on the release!

    Another solid release by Voke...

  7. William B

    I got an SM5 Staff Bag just like the one from the release in mid-june not knowing that this beautiful bag was going to be released. I guess the seller was a pro-shop based on the user name.

    I did get a good deal, only thing is that it didn't come with a Rain Hood and reading on other golf forums and some auctions, the missing rain hood was a common thing among those who purchased the bag from Vokey.

    Is this rain hood different than the one from the regular Titleist 10.5" Staff Bag? I have a Titleist 9.5 Staff Bag and the rain hood fit in the vokey bag just like a wetsuit.

    Congrats Vokey on a Home Run release. Did grab two gray hats to see which size fit me best. Last year I had to go down in size from L-XL to M-L, the hats are wider now.

  8. Mike C

    I purchased one of the Vokey bags as well (directly from and it was shipped without a rain hood.  Similarly, I tried the hood from my 9.5 bag and it was too tight.  I sent an email to earlier this week and received a response from both and Titleist that they are aware of the situation and working on procuring the hoods.  As I have always experienced, Titleist's customer service is great!  I would start by checking back with the pro shop where you purchased the bag and inquire with them.

  9. joe t

    I wear a FJ small shirt size, as they tend to run big compared to medium in other manufacturers. Both Vokey and Scotty stores do not offer shirts in the small size, when released. Frustrating.
  10. Cameron D

    Hey Joe, 

    Each release we do include size small with all shirts. The FJ button down in the store now still has some smalls available.  During the beginning of the release they may sell out quicker, but are always included in the initial release. 



  11. Gary B

    When I go to the store, all I see in apparel is the long sleeve button down shirt and the shorts.  How do I get to see the polo shirt?

  12. Cameron D

    Hey Gary, 

    The button down is the only available shirt at the moment.  All the other FJ shirts have sold out, so stay tuned to Team Titleist and for the next release.



  13. William B

    Ok, a couple of weeks ago I was able to buy the Pacific Blue Pullover even when there was none at the store. Fortunately my tech and research abilities led me to the product remainder. These are products that eventually find their way back to the store but only a few are available and not all sizes.

    I found a Shirt, don't know if it fits your size, it's only available in L;jsessionid=4BEC36DADBB19148ED5015F6A7B93634?key=Remainder-Product&sku=38737

    Also, some Pacific Blue Pullovers still avalialable in L and XL;jsessionid=CFDB82B8941A4ADB416DC24C74C4756F?key=Remainder-Product&sku=38688

    Also a Stretch Lisle Polo in M;jsessionid=ED88918248E44A96FF4F125A4C077619?key=Remainder-Product&sku=38592

    Also a FJ BV Diamonds Polo in XL;jsessionid=BEC615184886D58C34A8620C2F5D0B48?key=Remainder-Product&sku=38461

    A Dual Pocket Polo in M and XL;jsessionid=87F3C3CACCE132D0B769EC8CF8AE7802?key=Remainder-Product&sku=38683

    A sweater in XL;jsessionid=4BA010309976A6AA37864DE5AE132A31?key=Remainder-Product&sku=38518

    That's all for now


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