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SM5 M and S grind bounce vs SM6

James E

Why did the SM5 M grinds in 54* and 56* have 10* of bounce but in the SM6 they have only 8* of bounce? What is behind this change, the benefits? The S grind I believe stayed with 10* of bounce.

I like the M grind as I have it on my 60* SM5 and I like a fair amount of bounce. I was thinking of the SM6 M grinds but am a bit turned off that maybe the bounce is a touch light and I will not like them.

Any help in understanding the reduction in bounce and why would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Andrew J - WedgeWorks Specialist

    Hi James E:

    If you are happy with your current SM5 60° M Grind, then you will love the performance of the new SM6 60° M Grind. All of our testing with tour players and every day golfers shows the transition from SM5 M Grind to SM6 M Grind is seamless.

    To answer your question about the bounce number changes, it is important to know how we mark our wedges. All Vokey Wedges are marked with effective bounce. Measured bounce is the physical measuring of the angle between the leading edge and the lowest point of the sole. The effective bounce on a wedge takes into account the measured bounce, but also sole grinds, camber, and sole width. These characteristics affect the way the club's sole interacts with the turf. Through Bob's expertise and player feedback his team develops the effective bounce for each wedge, and this number is marked on the club. The effective bounce is considered a more accurate representation of how the wedge will perform.

    The S grind in the SM5 had an effective bounce of 10° for the 54° and 56°, and 7° for the 58° and 60°. Bob and his team found players playing this grind needed a little more bounce. We added 2° of measured bounce into the SM6 S grind and maintained the 10° effective bounce designation. Bob and team determined this was the most accurate representation of the bounce of the S Grind.

    The M grind in the SM5 had a 10° effective bounce for the 54° and 56° and 8° of bounce for the 58°, 60° & 62°. After receiving input from the tour, and influences from the TVD M Grind, Bob made some minor tweaks to the M grind and determined the 8° of effective bounce for the M Grind 54°-62° was the best representation of effective bounce.

    Both designations more closely represent how the grinds will interact with

    Thank you for your question

    Andrew J
    Vokey Product Specialist
  2. James E


    Thank you very much for the detailed information and explanation. This is very helpful.
  3. Mike T

    Ditto Andrew, thanks for the info. I just trade my SM5 58S for two SM5s, a 54M 10° & a SM5 58M 8°. Are the actual bounces the same on my clubs and the effective bounces slightly different? I have to ask since from all appearances and in actual play, I would swear the bounces are identical. Regardless, the M Grind is awesome.
  4. Bob K

    I just saw an ad for Titleist sm5 wedges for $65
    Can this be real!

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