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Iron Covers for Bob Vokey Wedges?

Scott G

I recently bought 3-"New" SM6 BV Wedges: (49°, 54°,60°) in Steel. Let me tell you these bad boys are nice, real nice! and I want to keep them that way.

Does Titilest make any iron covers for their forged irons or BV Wedges? If so, Where can I get my hands on some?

In the past I wouldn't bother with them, but with today's equipment prices and "New" breathable covers, I'm all in! Plus, it's a great! way to advertise your clubs, hint...

Sincerely, Scott G

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  1. rymail00

    Hey Scott,

    As far as I know Titleist does not make actually headcovers for irons or Vokey wedges. But they are actually cast heads (Vokey wedges) which makes them them extremely durable against bag chatter.

    But....if you really want to get get headcovers for them, eBay has tons of iron headcovers if you decide to go that route.
  2. drewster

    That's the set up i'm keen on although it might have to wait until after christmas !! Feel free to tell us about how you're getting on with them and any feedback you may have!!!!
  3. Gary S

    Hi Scott
    Had a similar issue myself with a new set of 716cb irons and 3no SM6 wedges I bought this year. Found the website below and ordered a set of neoprene head covers and they are great. Snug fit and look good with the rest of my Titleist clubs.

    Best wishes
  4. BMaddigan

    I am a big advocate of iron head covers. My clubs look brand new, but for marks on the face from being hit. It completely eliminates bag chatter, but I have never seen Titleist covers.
  5. Scott G

    Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I also wanted to wish the entire Titilest a "Happy Thanksgiving "

    Sincerely, Scott G
  6. Milo B

    I looked up Titleist iron covers on e-bay, found some that said Titleist.
    For the wedges look up, wedge head covers I like the ones with the numbers.
  7. Lito B

    I bought a set of left-hand neoprene iron head covers(numbered 4 to LW -10 total) with Titleist AP1 printed on it for $27.00 at eBay. It looks great and eliminates the annoying chatter completely!

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