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Raw Finish on SM6 Wedges

Tommy Dallahan

Hi team! I am in the market for a new set of Vokeys and was wondering if the extra price on the SM6 raw finish is worth it. I have never tried a raw finished wedge, and I am wondering differences between a regular finish and raw in terms of wear, and how long the grooves last?

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  1. Michael T

    I am no expert, but I don't think the raw finish has any effect on how long grooves last. Its just a personal preference. Keep in mind that the raw finish will rust over time. I know some people prefer that, but its just not a look that I am in to. I have the steel gray sm6's and I think they are the best looking wedges I have ever owned.
  2. atappe

    I have a raw sm6 and love it. The previous comment is correct that it's mainly just a look. I've heard that some people believe that it gives you more bite on the club face but it's not proven. Mine have started to rust and I like the way it looks. I still regularly clean mine with a wire brush so that they don't get too much rust buildup.
  3. Milo B

    The SM6 black wedge's are also raw, you can soak it in CLR to take the black off.
    Some like the look some don't.
    I myself like using the Raw wedge's.
  4. Eric Y

    I also have the raw SM6 and love them, the finish will rust over time but the grooves stay the same. The rust on the face of the clubs actually will help improve ball spin.
  5. NCBob

    That wire brush will damage your grooves over time. Best way to get rust off, hit a couple bunker shots, besides you get some practice in also.
  6. Eric B.

    Read in a study that rusty clubs do not provide more spin. Cant find the study just right now.
  7. Samuel C

    Tommy Dallahan

    Hi team! I am in the market for a new set of Vokeys and was wondering if the extra price on the SM6 raw finish is worth it. I have never tried a raw finished wedge, and I am wondering differences between a regular finish and raw in terms of wear, and how long the grooves last?

    Hi there,

    As others have mentioned, it is a personal preference. I love the raw rusty look and wish Titleist would bring them back as a standard option, instead of having them be a special order for more $$$.

    But there are ways that you could remove the finish to create that raw look. You are able to Google it and it helps remove whatever finish is on the club head and creates that "raw" look and will rust over time. Most people purchase the chrome finish and then let the club head soak in a cup of soda (Coke or Pepsi usually) and after about 24 hours, it strips away the finish. (WOW, just imagine what that does to our insides!!?!? I drink soda, but it's all good).

    I believe if you do this, it would void any type of warranty, so please be sure to read the warranty and research before you do anything on your own.

  8. James H

    I have the steel grey also but the raw finish is a close second for me. As said earlier they do rust which is a look some people like. The steel grey do have a small amount of glare, especially with the low winter sun here in the UK but it is not enough to distract you.
  9. GMillar

    i still have raw SM4s and love them. The slightly rusted look is great - especially in sunnier places. As for performance - I think they are on par with chrome finishes etc. Grooves last as long as anything else with correct care. Agree with atappe, the rusting offers no additional performance - some believe it adds to the spin rate but I believe this is misleading
  10. Max V

    Personally, I don't really see the need for a raw finish wedge. I always keep all my clubs clean all the time with the grooves all cleaned out. If you are like me who uses a wire brush, I would just purchase the silver finish on them. I haven't seen any rust start on them yet or anything! Hopes this helps!
  11. Lee T

    As most will say, the finish is a personal pereference. I personally like the raw finishes for my wedges. I have soaked them in CLR and removed the black and torched them. The look great with the KBS nickel black shafts I installed as well. For me they look great at address and with that comes confidence. I carry a 48, 52, 54, 58, and 62 raw wedge in my bag. They represent the best part of my game right now.
    Post Image
  12. Chuck Z

    Love the chrome finish. It's all about choices and I prefer that shiny clean look. Believe they perform the same, maybe one exception, the person hitting the shot. For some reason the pros like the raw look, of course they change their's more often that we do. With the divots they make with the wedges and the spin they put on the ball, I am sure their grooves wear out pretty quickly. Cheers, Chuck.................
  13. Tom B

    I keep my grooves clean all the time, got a brush attached to the bag to do so (not metal), but I'm a believer in the raw finish too. I do believe, based on experience, that the raw finish, when it rusts over, does give you a little more grab for some extra spin. But it is a preference.
  14. Hotsauce

    I have a raw 56* and just love it. It's rusting a bit which I also love. Unfortunately (for the next 3 months anyway) I live in MA, so I won't know how the grooves wear. I used it in the fall (played a ton), and I just used her in Hawaii and she's an absolute weapon. I've got 30ish rounds and a lot of practice with her, and the grooves are still sharp.
    Bottom line- I love the looks and the trusty rusty feel. Like Tom said, I believe you get a tad more zip with the rust.
    IMO it's worth the extra loot to have something unique. Plus jamming wedge shots so close, your buddies will probably be picking up the tab for a fresh one when it's time to retire her. ;-)
  15. Peter K

    Are there any actual studies Titleist have done to compare the spin rates of different finishes as they wear? I.e. which one is the least and most robust?
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