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Best wedge grips to use

Joshua B

I sent my vokeys out 2 years ago to get stamped, painted, and re gripped. I love the grip but they wore out very quick. Looking for a tacky grip that'll last. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Lee T

    For me on my wedges I use the Golf Pride MCCP. To me the last and allows for a good feel for my wedges either 100 yards out or a chip shot.
  2. Robert

    grip selection can differ from everyone. i recommend going into your local shop and see what they have to try out. i got mine from Vokey with the new Golf Pride MCC +4 grips and love them. been playing them since they came out. also have them on all my other clubs in the bag, great feel and feedback.
  3. Samuel C

    I just tried the Super Stroke S-Tech grip and it's probably one of the best grips I've used in a long time. It's pretty tacky for not being a "tacky" grip and it's almost half the price of most Golf Pride grips (which I have been using for years). So I've replaced all my clubs with the S-Tech.
  4. Chuck Z

    I use the same grips as I have on the rest of my set. Golf Pride MCC +4. Want the same feel on every club.
  5. Dino J

    I use the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips on my wedges. I appreciate the soft feeling in my hands and that is what I want with my wedges as these shots tend to be the most "feel" oriented shots that one plays. I change these grips once a year as I use these clubs so much in practice and in normal play throughout the year! I also wipe the grips clean on a regular basis.

    I do love my Golf Pride MCC's for the rest of my irons though!
  6. JCope

    I also recommend the Golf pride MCC+4, however on my wedges I ask for 3 extra wraps on the tape. This gives me a little wider grip. At least for me it helps with control and feel around the greens. Plus a little wider grip allows me to better handle the clubs. Good Luck!
  7. Tim D

    Ditto on the Golf Pride MCC+4 grips. I have them on all my clubs a and was excited to see they offered them in Green! Good Luck!
  8. Ryan E

    Two year old wedges arent worth putting a new grip on. Unless you play once a year and at that point you could put duct tape on and it wouldnt matter
  9. JCope

    I would say that 2 year old wedges can be worth re-gripping. Most wedges will last, as long as your not on the range or chipping area hitting a lot of balls. If you just hit the range before each round and then just use them during the round they will last a while. Plus re-gripping is a very minimal cost.

    I have a 4-5 year old wedge, face is worn but I replace the grip on occasion.

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