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Bending a wedge

Bill F

I want a wedge at 51 degrees. Is there a difference in bending a 50.08 weak and bending a 52.12 strong? Would they wind up the same bounce?

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  1. Josh A

    No. They will be close, but not the same.

    Bending a 50.08 weak 1* would effectively add 1* of bounce with the result being 51.09. This will also decrease the offset a little. Bending a 52.12 strong 1* would effectively eliminate 1* of bounce with the result being 51.11. This will also increase the offset a little.

    However, you may not be able to tell much of a difference between the two, depending on your personal level of sensitivity to the amount of bounce and other factors.
  2. Joshua B

    Josh A hit the nail on the head above. I have a wedge bent to 51* and found it helped me (was a 52*). If you tend to scoop a wedge the 51 will help you too.
  3. Bill F

    Thanks, guys!
  4. B.A.

    And I have a 50* bent ot 51*. I don't notice much change in the bounce. I use this for full swing shots to fill the gap between my 716 CB PW and my other SM 54* that is bent to a 55* (so I can have an even gap to my 60* that I can't live without).
  5. Chris B

    Are you looking a bending a new club or an already used club?
  6. Bill F

    I have a couple of older wedges that I thought I may try but, in the end, I would prefer a new one.
  7. Kelly H

    Bill but when you bend a club Josh is right you are affecting the bounce but its still not going to play the same as a new club with that particular bounce and loft..

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