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XP 95 Shafts

Jim D

I would imagine this has been asked but I was unable to locate an answer. I have just been fit for new clubs at an outside range using TrackMan and the best shafts for the heads chosen were the TT XP 95 S300 +1/2". My question is what should I do for my new wedges...I'm thinking of XP 95 R300 with the +1/2" and I would think the swing weight would be lower or is it better to order the stock S200 with the +1/2"...any input is welcomed...

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  1. Robert C

    I'm not a fitter or even expert by any means, but I'm a fan of trying to keep the same shaft/specs in my wedges as my irons.

    I believe I read somewhere, that if you are custom ordering them this way, they will look for wedge heads with a weight that will keep the SW as close to the same as possible given the extra length.

    If that's incorrect, I'm sure someone will correct it.
  2. Paul C

    I'm inclined to agree with Robert however I would suggest a fitting to be sure.
  3. Don O

    Most fitters will recommend the same shaft for any iron/wedge used for full shots. My 48 is the same graphite as the AP1 PW, and the 54/57 are in steel for the solid feel on primarily short shots.

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