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Brian C

Hey team!

I was just wondering your thoughts. I pulled my 54 out of my bag ready to hit it and noticed this gap. I decided to leave it in the bag and also noticed my 60 degree starting to show a slight gap. I can't move either the head or the ferrule. Do you think it's still okay or should I have it looked at. Would rather be safe than sorry and watch my head take a flight.

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  1. chris M

    Normally you should be able to turn the ferrule back into the club. It may be worth getting a pro to look at it
  2. CoolBreeze

    The ferrule is a cosmetic aesthetic to the club. As long as the head and shaft does not twist, then you are fine. If you can find something rubbery-like to grip the ferrule, you should be able to twist it back down to the edge of the club hosel.
  3. Keith M

    For what it's worth, I have the same on a couple of my irons. As long as it's not moving freely, I think you're ok. If you have any doubts, contact Titleist customer service, they will take care of it for you.
  4. B.A.

    Are you cleaning your clubs in too hot of water or leaving them under water for a few minutes? That will loosen the glue.

    But yes, as others have said, it's cosmetic. Use a rubber wrench to twist it back and put some glue before doing so.
  5. Brian C

    Thanks team! I really appreciate you guys!
  6. Brian C

    I usually use lukewarm water and only have the head under it for a couple seconds. It's the first club I've ever had it happen to in my life.
  7. Greg B

    Run it under hot water for a couple of seconds or use a blow dryer to heat it up then slide it back down the shaft. If you clean your clubs in hot water don't leave them submerged it loosens the epoxy and it will cause this to happen. I also used a drop of super glue to just keep it in place if needed. As said it cosmetic.

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