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Kelly H

After the SM6's came out I new it was time to replace the combination of SM4's & SM5's I was carrying. So I contacted a local retailer and ordered them with the shafts I wanted in each.... Neat thing about these is they have matching order/serial numbers... Since I was ordering these custom I went ahead and had them stamped while they were there.... Came out nice...

What do you think?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Interesting. Personally, I like mine chrome and plain. Guess that I am old and conservative. With respect, it's all about choices.
  2. Joshua B

    I like the snowflake with numbers very cool touch
  3. Jack H

    Great looking wedges! Congratulations!!
  4. Kelly H

    CZ - Its all about performance! I like a satin or black finish vs a chrome... Personal preference is correct! Assure you everybody that has touched these has loved them!

  5. Ethan B

    If you don't mind me asking where did you order/get this done? I've been looking all over online to find a place where I can buy a wedge and get it stamped. I couldn't believe that on the wedge works website you can't actually buy a club and get it stamped all at once, you have to buy somewhere else and then send the club in.

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