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Shafts and spin rates

Kevin B

I currently have 46/50/54/58 in the bag. However I recently switched to new irons, and notice the gap between the 9 and 46 is more than I'm comfortable with. Would I be better of bending it a degree or two stronger, or plugging in a shaft similar to my 4-9 irons?

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  1. Ryan G

    What irons are you playing now and what is the 9i loft, and is it different than what you previously had? I would just start off with bending a little to get the loft right for the gap you are looking for. It is a cheaper option to start off with. If you don't like that then you can change shafts, but if all the wedge shafts are not the same you might lose the common feel and consistency of the wedges.
  2. Mike H

    In the scoring clubs it is all about proper gapping. How far you hit your 9 compared to the 46 degree including any type of workable shot that you can manufacture. I believe irons are set up with lofts as they should be being will create gaps in other places of the bag. If you needed a new club I would look at getting the pitching wedge that goes with your iron set.
  3. Johnathan W

    From a cost approach I would say bend the club, if you still don't find the results you can always reset it but it would be much cheaper than a new shaft.
  4. SegaSama

    Best to have gotten fit in the first place. But perhaps getting a PW that is the same as the rest of your set may shorten the gap between the two clubs.
  5. Kelly H

    Kevin I noticed same thing last year when I switched irons. If you hit full shots with 46 & 50 I'd recommend putting shaft similar to that in your irons. I'm now running same shaft in 4 iron - 50 wedge and then a different shaft in my 55 and 60...
  6. Joshua B

    A good idea is to find the P wedge that matches your new set....will help out your gaps. Otherwise get fitted for a new wedge shaft to maximize distance and gap correctly.
  7. Edward K

    If you consistently hit the ball pin high or better with your irons, I'd sync them all to the same gaps. If not, a degree here and there isn't going to matter.

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