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Sand wedge dilemma

Angus M

Hi Team,

I've decided to up my wedge game and carry four in the bag and need some help determining what I should go with for my Sand Wesge please.

PW (47degrees) from my set then I will buy the following vokey's:

- gap 52 / F grind / 8 degrees bounce - SW either 56/M/8 bounce or 56/S/10

Plus my old trusty 60deg 8 bounce lob wedge which might need replacing in a year.

Recommendations / suggestions on SW please? I really like the idea of how you can manipulate the M grind but worried about a) how It goes out of sand and b) is it crazy having all your wedges with only 8 degrees of bounce??

Help please.

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  1. JReeter

    You know your game and turf conditions better than us, I carry 3- wedge, and a 52, 56, 60 degree wedges, I have extra wedges in bounces from 4 up to 10 in all the listed wedges, hard ground I use less bounce, softer I use more, if you are steep in your down swing more bounce is needed, flatter swing will use less for the most part, the best advice I can give you, others please chime in. But I would get a wedge fitting to see what best fits your game. Titleist Thursday is a great place to start, have fun out there.
  2. Joseph M

    I couldn't agree more with you @Jreeter. The best thing to do is to take the time and get fitted for your wedges which believe it or not many golfers do not do. You want to make sure your gapping is ideal for yardage and the conditions of where you play.
  3. Gabriel G

    Talk to a PGA Pro and get fitted. Much better advice than us ordinary guys. Unless there is a PGA Pro on this site. I once just asked a question and was give about ten minutes of advice. So ask one.
  4. Chuck Z

    I was with some friends who work with Titleist this past week, and in getting the right wedges, there are a lot of variables. You really need to go to one of the Titleist Thursday fittings if there is one in your area. Those fitters are great and will put the right wedge in your hand, with the right shaft, lie and loft. On here we will offer you opinions based on our person experiences, but each person's set up and swing is different. Do the right thing, go see a Titleist certified fitter. Cheers, Chuck............
  5. SRoberts

    I went for 52, 56 and 60 ... the spacing between my 716 AP2 set wedge and my 52 feels too big for me. Wish I'd gone 50, 54, 58. Saying that, if I'm having a bad day I always know my 60 will get me a 2-4ft putt every time!
  6. Dr O

    I have ap2 pw 46*, then vokey 50*, 54*, 58*. I agree with earlier post about turf condition and bounce overall, however to me wedge play is all about feel and confidence. Grab some demos if possible and hit different shots from different lies. IMOP get one that looks good and feels right at address and learn to +/- bounce as needed

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