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New Custom Wedges

Andrew A

After watching the Vokey Video on wedge performance over time, I figured it was time to update my line-up. In doing so, I had some custom work done and attached is the finished product. Pretty sweet to say the least!!

Post Image
Post Image

14 Replies

  1. Corey T

    WOW!!!! Those are nice!!!
  2. Blake T

    Awesome sticks man Congrats, but how did you get them with the scotty logos on them?
  3. chris M

    They look amazing
  4. Joshua B

  5. Joseph Lloyd

    That's so cool
  6. Kelly H

    Those are bad ass... but according to their study you'll need new ones in 75 rounds...
  7. pulplvr

    That's a pretty wild custom job, Andrew. I went much more mild when I had mine done last fall.
    Post Image
  8. Jack H

    Wow!! Those look awesome!! Congrats! Enjoy!
  9. Andrew A

    Check out
    I had these done through them
  10. Benjamin D

    Those are SIIIICK! Best looking custom wedges I've seen yet.
  11. Kelly H

    Who did the engraving and paint fill?
  12. Darryl M

    Sweet, very sweet. Now I need to get my new ones done. Enjoy

    All I can say is WOW! Those look amazing!
  14. Hunter M

    Wow those look awesome! Definitely getting the next set of wedges stamped

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