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Wedge shafts

Kevin S

What is your thoughts on having the shafts in your wedges match what is in your irons. I have CB714 with KBS Tour shafts and my three Vokey Wedges have true Temper S300. I was fit for the irons about two years ago. The main reason I ask is I have a larger distance gap between my 52 degree wedge and my pw (approximately 15-20 yards) even though the difference in the degrees between them is very close to the irons. I cant seem to hit my 52 any more than 100 yards. Thank you for your thoughts.

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  1. Joshua B

    With all the options out there I think it's best to get what's right for you because it's a different swing with wedges. I use the Spinners because I really like bite and making sure that I hit my wedges to the distance I want instead of letting them release to where I want.
  2. JR

    Hi Kevin - my thoughts are that wedge shafts are unique because you're really looking for a "board" like feeling. The flex and torque that can be created with an iron shaft isn't ideal for wedge play. A weaker shaft in your wedges creates a higher chance for your face to open or close which of course will cause inconsistencies in your dispersion. It sounds like you've had the lofts checked, but have you considered adjusting your loft on your 52 degree?
  3. Benjamin D

    Hey Kevin,

    I would say take out the guess work. Try to attend a Titleist Thurday event in your area and get fit. I went there last fall and got fit for wedges and a driver. The results are pretty amazing.

  4. Kevin S

    Thank you guys. I appreciate your feedback.

  5. Matty E

    I think a lot of it is feel and preference. You also need to figure out what you're looking for in a wedge shaft(stable, low launch, high launch, low spin, high spin, etc.). Of course, you can never go wrong with a certified fitter.
    Best of luck.

    I had the same problem early this year! PW was going 130 while I couldn't get my 52* to go more than 110. Got a proper wedge fitting and ended up switching to a 50* with a TT X100 shaft and brought my yardages to a much better distance gap.
  7. Josh D

    I would check the loft gap between your PW and 52 degree. This is probably the route cause.
  8. Nano

    I went with a couple different shafts in my 4 Vokeys for a gradual shift stepping up the weight and changing the spin down through the set.

    My CB716 5i-9i were bent so each contain a 4 degree gap from 26-42 degrees. I have the KBS Tour 90 (95 grams) in these 5 clubs.

    My SM5 46.08 F has the same shaft as the irons. Since the grooves and weighting of the SM5 club head are different from the CB716 9i, I didn't want to change the shaft with this club.

    My SM5 50.12 F has the same grooves and weighting as the 46, so I stepped up the shaft weight with the KBS Tour (110 grams)

    My SM5 56.10 M/S and SM5 62.08 L have higher weighting than the 50. Despite this, I bumped up the shaft weighting, but only by 5 grams with the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (115 grams).

    The 56 is the last club which I'll take full shots. The 62 is really only for really short sand or flop shots.

    Most of my irons/wedges have a nice 12-13 yard gap. The 50-56 gap is 15-20 yards, which is nice. If I need to get in between those clubs, I dial the 50 degree back by adding loft or de-lofting the 56.

    I took a bit of a leap with this setup, since I've never seen a wedge fitting where different shafts could be switched out for testing different setups. This worked out for me.

    Good luck!

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