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Bounce on the SM6 vs SM5


My new SM6 wedges are the exact same specs as my SM5 wedges were, but with the 60.08 M grind wedge, I continue to feel like it has significantly more bounce than the SM5 wedge with the exact same specs did.

I don't like this much bounce and I have lost a lot of confidence with a club that is my go-to club for creative shots that I'm very comfortable with.

I have bent my 60* to a 59* to take some of the bounce away, and it is better, but still more bounce than I'd like.

I'm really struggling and not happy about the change.

Anyone else experience this?

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  1. B.A.

    Maybe I should also ask which of you hit lob and flop shots and what club you like for that? Maybe it's time to change my grind perference...? I don't plan on changing the way I hit shots. It works for me and I hit those well. Much harder for me to hit a running shot day by day.

    Looking at the on tour vokey page, Spieth and Walker use a 60.04 L. Scott uses a 60.06 K, which isn't even an option.

    I could get a 62.08 M and bend it to 60.06 M... that may be great, but it would suck to not be able to try it first and I'd likely only be able to do that at TPI which I have no need to go back for anytime soon.
  2. Emil S

    Hi B!
    I have a 58.08 M grind SM5 wedge which I use for flop and high shots in general onto greens. I looked at switching to SM6 but I didn't really notice the difference in bounce as you did. You can have someone grind it to fit your preference, or you can simply test them both out and see if it works or not. It's hard switching out a old trusty club so maybe your criticism towards the SM6 is inflated? Anyway good luck!
  3. JCaldwell

    I was stuck last year when I was looking at the SM6 line. I had the SM line (2009?) and had a tough time choosing. I really wanted the Low Bounce K due to the same sole grind on my SM but wasn't going to shell out $185. Went with the L grind 60.04 and have been happy with it. Lobs and flops are just as easy as before. Figured out yesterday I can actually hit a full shot with it pretty consistently at 84 yards. Normally play firm to hard turf.
  4. colin b

    Why not try a titleist event and be able to try them all. I just got fitted by my pro and once I picked my lofts I was able to then try all the various bounce options till I picked the one I liked
  5. B.A.

    Yes, it is certainly possible that my feelings are inflated by this being a new club, but I've had a good number of rounds with it and keep coming back to the same results even despite the occasional great shot with it. It still reacts differently. It is cut differently, that is the bottom line. Most people likely wouldn't notice, but I replace my wedges pretty frequently and had 2 sm5 60s in the time they were out. I do notice. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the club, obviously, Vokeys rock, but just that they are different.

    Today, I bent it to a 58.06 to the range. It definitely seems to be improved. I may grind it down if I'm not happy with it being a 58 (but I did bend my other wedges to fit with a 58 as well and it may be ok).

    I'll try the 60.04 L the next chance I get, but with the specs I like I can't just go to a fitting and try them since it would be between that and the 62.08 M bent down to a 60.06 and they can't/won't do that anywhere other than at TPI.

    Just an additional note that the club as it was worked great on full or half shots, but that is my go-to club for almost any shot 95-green and just had more bounce than I wanted on feel shots.

    Thanks for all the ideas and feedback!

    Greatly appreciated.
  6. Lou G

    The SM4 62-07 T grind wedge is a LOT easier to hit off a hard lie vs the SM6 62-08M.

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