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Spinner Shafts

Jordan L

Hello, I am new to TT and I am looking at ordering SM6s with the DG Spinner shafts does anyone have any experience they can share about this combo of shaft and wedge?

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  1. Joshua B

    To put it into one word... They are freaking awesome exclamation point (one word-ish). I did it last year and love the bite you get from them...Chips and pitches. They suggest to only do it for the lob and sand though. Best of luck.
  2. Jordan L

    Thanks for you advise!! I've never owned a set of vokey's and I'm like a little kid on christmas morning just waiting to open them out of the box.
  3. Milo B

    I have my 54/58 with spinner shaft.
    They get up fast, but prefer the s200 they come with.
    Can go low when needed.

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