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Bend Wedge Back to Original Loft?


Will bending a club back to its original loft have a negative impact on the integrity of the club head at all? I recently bent a 60* SM6 to 58* to shorten the gap between my 54* SW, but do not like the turf interaction of the sole/ bounce now. Do I need to worry about bending it back to 60* (too much strain on the club)?

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  1. etakmit

    No sir. As long as you aren't bending it regularly you'll be fine. Clubs need to be re-bent fairly regularly (especially forged clubs) if they're used often. You're fine.
  2. B.A.

    I mess with my clubs all the time and have never noticed any issues, you just have to make sure you bend properly (tiny bit at a time until it's right, as opposed to overbending and bending it back). If you bend too much, you may see a little line in the hosel, but wedges are the shortest life club.

    I have had no issues with bending wedges. I do get them checked regularly to make sure they are keeping the loft and lies I want.
  4. Edward K

    You can bend up to 2 degrees either way multiple times and have no issues........

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