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NEW LIMITED EDITION Brushed Copper SM6 Wedges

Matt G

Anyone seen the new limited edition brushed copper SM6 wedges? Available May 12th in select stores!

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  1. Todd T

    Very pretty, but would prefer them in the S grind.
  2. Joshua B

    Those things are the prettiest thing I've seen today!
  3. Jordan L

    Don't think I would hit those because of how pretty they are!
  4. Dwayne N

    very nice looking club
  5. David A

    These are beautiful! Extremely disappointed they do not come in left handed!
  6. Mike H

    These wedges look so nice and the more they are hit and played I think the nicer they will look also. I like all these different releases Titleist is doing from the smoke finish on the AP1s and now this vokey finish hopefully they start incorporating it in new releases and keep coming out with more special release items as well.
  7. Ryan M

    Those look amazing. Loved the oil can look before the finish wore off
  8. Tyler H

    I have mine on order. Anxiously awaiting their arrival.

    Very nice looking wedges!!
  10. John H

    Best looking wedges I've seen in a long time.
  11. SBradley

    Are these available in the U.K.?

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