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Matching Iron Shafts to Wedges

Steve N

With Vokey you have the option of using the shafts in your irons in your wedges, instead of the stock "wedge" shaft. - Wondering what most professionals on TT Staff do? - How do the PGA professionals and Certified Fitters on Team Titleist feel about this?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Last set of irons I was fitted for (716AP1s, I had the same shafts XP105 S300s in all my irons 5-W2 and my Vokeys. All were + 1/2" and 2* flat.) were a complete matched set. I want consistency.
  2. Unsy

    Personally I prefer the wedge flex in my wedges, I play x100 shafts in my irons and my driver swing speed is 128mph. I could go with something stronger but I rarely ever have a full swing with my wedges so the wedge flex works best for me when since I mainly hit touch shots from 120 yards and in with my wedges.
  3. Todd S

    I've been told by my fitter that if you hit full shots with your wedge it should have the same shaft as your irons. For me I carry a 54 and a 58 54 has the same shaft my irons have the 58 has the wedge flex shaft.

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