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Team Titleist Rep Needed To Answer Q's Re-Brushed Copper Wedges

Kevin B

I want to special order these in 54, 56 and 60 from my Roger Dunn Store. Questions can I - with upcharge :

1. Have the lie adjusted - 2 degrees flat? 2.Have lofts bent on 56 to 10 degrees & 60 to 12 Degrees? 3. Order Special grips to match my new AP716 Smokes? 4. Is Special Stamping at Vokey available?

Thanks much. Would love to order these today if I can get the answers!! What a gorgeous set of wedges. Love to see them in my bag SOON!

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  1. JReeter

    With a little homework of your own, do this,go to Vokey wedge works pick the wedges you want, then check out all the different things you can have them do, change lies, change swing weight, different grip choices, different shafts,custom stamping. You'll find all your answers right there.
  2. Chuck Z

    I believe Roger Dunn Stores are Titleist fitters, at least, according to their ads. They should be able to accommodate your special needs by ordering what you need from Titleist. Also you can go to
  3. Tyler H

    Unfortunately the Brushed Copper SM6 wedges are only offered as a stock build. All M Grind in loft and lie combinations of 54.08, 56.08, 58.08 and 60.08

    Shaft: Dynamic Gold S200
    Grip: Vokey New Decade Multi Compound Platinum Scarlet

    Right Hand Only
  4. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi Kevin B,

    We do not charge for loft or lie angle adjustment on most products;however, the limited release Brushed Copper wedges are not available in custom specs so they will need to be sent into Wedge Works for any alterations including loft/ lie, grip, shaft, etc.

    Vokey wedges can be bent +/- 2 degrees in either direction. When you change the loft you change the bounce angle at the same rate, so adding one degree of loft adds one degree of bounce.

    We are a wholesale company, and thus do not have a suggested retail price for custom grips or shafts. Your local golf shop can provide you with pricing at the store.

    Straight and Freestyle stamping is available for an MSRP of $16, and snow stamping is $25

    Hope this helps

  5. Michael M

    I read the press release (I guess that was my homework?) and if I interpreted it correctly the brushed nickel Vokeys are a very limited release and will only be available through select retail locations. This means you will only be able to buy off the rack if you are lucky enough to find a location selected to sell them. If that is the case you will not be able to customize your order from Titleist directly. However, if you are lucky enough to find/buy them you can then mail them to Wedgeworks which does loft/lie adjustments, re-gripping, stamping and much more. Hope they find a way in your bag soon!
  6. Kevin B


    Many thanks for your in depth answer. I am on track with my rep at Roger Dunn and when I get them he'll send them in for proper adjustments that will work for me. These are EPIC wedges!

    Completely STOKED!

    Fantastic looking wedges!!
  8. SNachilly

    I would advise against 3 identical grinds

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