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Bob Vokey in France


I am one of the ten lucky winners who will have the chance to spend 3 hours with Bob Vokey next tuesday at the magnificent Chantilly golf course. I am a 20 handicapper and unfortunately, my wedging is not say the least. I will probably embarrass myself but I am sure it's gonna be fun. I will post a few pictures as well as a recap next week.

ps: there is a team titleist in the US, another one in the UK but nothing here in France...I hope it will happen someday.

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  1. Joshua B

    Congrats I'm very happy for you! Definitely take pictures and share your experience on what you found, heard, and seen... I know I love to hear about it.
  2. Don O

    The Vokey team will likely be able to quickly suggest some changes that might be worth 2-3 strokes on your handicap while you are there (for 3 hours). I just had an hour session with my coach/fitter on putting and short game. Within 10 minutes he had me (literally) jumping my shots through hoops and loops. The practice area had 24 inch hoops at various heights. Fixing the usual culprits - too much shaft lean to use the bounce effectively, using wrist action on chips - was a quick fix (my HCP is close to you). Don't worry about your game going in - take advantage of the best in the business to improve your game going out. Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime. And update us on the experience.

    Congrats! Should be a great experience!
  4. Tyler H

    Congratulations. What an amazing experience you will have.
  5. fpaz

    I had a great time with Bob Vokey today!
    So many anecdotes with tour pros...
    He gave me many great tips.
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