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Wedge Finish

Christian J

I am about to order a new set of SM6's and was curious what everyone has for the finish on their wedges? I had the Tour Chrome on my last set but am thinking about switching it up to either the Steel Gray or Jet Black. My main concern is leaving marks on the ball which I had experienced in the past with the Oil Can finish.

Thanks TT

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  1. Joshua B

    I did black bc they were different and anti glare. They don't Mark the ball but the wear on them shows more than a chrome finish.
  2. Rex S

    I have the jet black sm6s and haven't had any issues with ball scuffing. I really like this finish because there is no glare and the finish fades over time. You can even apply solvents to remove the finish and are left with the raw finish that many tour pros favor.
  3. Greg L

    I've had the steel gray since last summer and the finish has held up well for me, no issues with them, haven't really had an issue with ball marks. I really like the look of them, but I've been eyeing the black finish lately.....
  4. Travis M

    I went with the Jet Black.
  5. Fred C

    Especially with wedges, I want a hard chrome face for durability and the the Tour Chrome seems to be the most durable face in the Vokey wedges. The grooves and faces on mine look barely used. My friends that have the other finishes can't say that.
  6. james f

    I switched to the SM6 Raw Blacks (52&56 F Grinds) this year and I have not seen any marks on any balls as of yet. I use the ProV1.
  7. Brian E

    Christian - I have a pair of the steel gray SM6s and love them. I prefer the dull/matte look as opposed to the shiny/reflective look. Previously I had some of the unfinished "Raw" Vokeys which I really liked - softer feel and no reflection. They rusted a bit, which was to be expected, given no finish.
    Never heard of the issue of leaving marks (with oil can or otherwise). Certainly not an issue with the SM6 Steel Grays.
  8. Chuck Z

    I like the look of the Tour chrome. Matches the rest of my set; 716AP1s - 5-W2.
  9. Bruce S

    I have the black. They don't leave marks on the ball, but the finish is already starting to fade. Next time I will just go Tour Chrome.
  10. MLyon

    I've got the jet black finish on my 3 SM6's, cant say i've ever left a trace of the black finish on the ball.

    The jet-black finish is a great contrast against Titleist iron sets.
  11. Darron K

    This is my setup:
    SM6 50.12 F Tour Chrome
    SM6 54.10 S Steel Grey
    SM6 58.8 M Jet Black

    No marks on anything and the face of my 54 & 58 haven't shown any wear spots from ball striking.
  12. Tyler H

    I use the Jet Black currently. I have some of the new Copper ones on order and have had the Indigo Blue in the past.
  13. Christian J

    Appreciate all the responses guys! Although a lot of you like the jet black I think I'm going with steel grays to match my irons a bit more. They certainly look great with the matte finish and limiting the glare but I noticed when I demoed the jet black's at a Titleist Thursday, the wear and tear really showed up compared to the others.
  14. Ryan M

    My Jet Black wedges are looking really worn and it's only been two months and been about 1 month and 5 rounds.
  15. rob m

    I've had the chrome Vokeys for as long as i can remember but this time I went with the Black SM6. The glare off the chrome was the biggest reason other than the black looks cool looking
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