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New JP wedges

Thomas H

Does anyone know when the new JP wedges will be available and how much they will sell for?

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  1. Joshua B

    Dang!!! I just looked them up....$2000. probably​ the coolest looking sticks I've seen though. I (especially my wallet) am very glad they most likey won't make Lefty ones!
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  2. vurich

    This is the first of heard of them. They look amazing. But there is one glaring omission to these wonderful works of art. The "Titleist" script. Personally, I don't know how anyone can top the "Voke's" great works of wedge art, but I am anxious and open minded to see what happens next...
  3. David W

    Just read article from golf spy that states availability 5/8/17, $2000 for 3 hr fitting and 3 custom wedges.
  4. Barry B

    Check out the link.
  5. nate l

    I saw in an article you have to be fot for them. A fitting will be 2k including 3 wedges. Hopefully a TT rep will confirm for us.
  6. patrick r

    500.00 per wedge or 2 g for a fitting and 3 wedges, look on, great article on it
  7. Todd T

    Id love to see the comparison to Vokeys... Specs v Price! Are Vokeys going to be discontinued (if so, I'm about to hoard)?
  8. Chuck Z

    Thomas: I believe I read somewhere today, that a fitting for the new wedges is $2000 and that includes three custom wedges.
  9. Nigel S

    As I understand, the wedges will retail for about $2,000 USD for a set of 3 and can only be purchased when doing a fitting with JP in California.
  10. Bruce S

    I heard $2,000 for the JP Experience which includes a 3 hr. fitting and 3 custom built wedges and any additional wedge would be $500 each.
  11. Jeremy G

    Not sure when they will be available but I think it's 2k for the wedge set. Which includes the fitting. I can't wait to get my hands on some. Just need to find a fitting
  12. Dino J

    Hi Thomas ... I read a story on them in one of the monthly golf publications and it appears that the typical cost will be $2,000 for a set of three wedges -- and this is to include the fitting fee at TPI in California plus same day "wedge production".

  13. Jonathan L

    If you have a look on the JP wedges website it explains it all. By the looks of it you can't just buy a wedge ... they're only available via a full fitting process and if I remember correctly its around $2000 for a fill fitting of 3 wedges
  14. Chris92009

    Just got the announcement that JP is now available for fittings for his new Titleist Wedges! At $2k per fitting which includes three wedges at the Oceanside Facility. Then $500 for each additional wedge!

    These apparently only available through this experience, does anyone know anything else?

  15. John P

    These would be a perfect gift if someone would like to get them for me as my initials are Jp.
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