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Does Finish Impact Longevity?

Ski & Tee Dave

I am replacing my SM5 LW that has worn out and isn't giving me the spin it used to (after 4 long years and a lot of rounds).

I was wondering if there the finish of the wedge has any difference on the life of a wedge and its groves?

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  1. 19hole

    It shouldn't. If you are 4 years into your wedges, I think that you might be 3 years overdo to replace them. Bob Vokey and his team have done a lot of testing and have determined that at about 75 rounds your wedges will start to show a reduction in spin generation. I don't know what you think of as "a lot of rounds" but once you hit the 75 round number it may be time for a new set.
  2. Cole W

    In my experience, finish doesn't have as much to do with longevity as rounds, and care does. I play over 100 rounds per year, and usually go through a couple wedges a year between that many rounds and practice.
  3. Ski & Tee Dave

    Thanks for the insight! I know I am probably at lease a year overdue on replacing it as it definitely has more than 200 rounds. I was complaining to my pro that I wasn't getting the drop and stop I used to.
  4. REarley

    Finish shouldn't impact the groove wear, but the black finish will show scuffing on the sole and face a lot sooner than chrome or grey.

    I personally like that worn look on the sole of my jet black finish wedges.

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