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Wedge Shafts

Matthew F

I am looking to purchase three SM6 wedges, 50.12 F grind, 56.10 S grind and 62.08 M grind, but before I do, I want to make sure that I getting the shafts that will allow my wedges to be most effective. I am a former professional baseball player with high swing speed and play Project X Steel 5.5 shafts in my irons. I cannot imagine a stiff shaft would make a difference chipping around the green, but wouldn't consistency in my shafts be to my benefit when playing fuller shots?

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  1. Tim Tiger

    You could attend a Thursday event or schedule to get a fitting done. That would help you get the right club for your swing.
    Everyone has a different swing and technique. So what I do may not feel right to you.

  2. Don O

    In general, going into a fitting, most Titleist fitters will recommend starting with the same shaft in your wedges used primarily for full swings as your irons. In my case, I use the same graphite for PW/48 but use metal shafts for better control with the wedges I use for partial shots. In your case, what ever feel you like better.
  3. Chris92009

    First, I am surprised to see that you play Project X 5.5 shafts...that seems way too flexible for a former professional ball player that must generate high club speed...IMHO...

    Second, for the wedges you could play the same shafts as in your irons by default but I always try to go slightly heavier (Vokey gave me this tip at my last fitting at oceanside) and if desired slightly softer flex.

    Now, back to your specific situation. It would seem since your 5.5 shafts are already light you may need to try the same shafts as mentioned above or find a shaft that is about 120 grams with a slightly softer shaft flex.

    Just my two cents, but that would be how I would approach it if it were my set... Good Luck!
  4. Andy K

    I swing the 6.5 project x in my irons and have the stock shafts in my 56 and 52 wedges. I have been looking into getting the 6.0 in my 52. Not really gonna fool with the 56 shaft. Let us know how you make out with a fitting.
  5. JReeter

    Six degrees between wedges is a little much, rule of thumb is four.
  6. A Macleod

    I had a fitting for my wedges last week at a Titleist demo day at knole park golf club.I play XP R-300 shafts on my irons. On the wedges I am getting I will be playing S-200 shafts. I would advise anyone to go to a Titleist fitting to get clubs to match your swing type and save you time and money.
  7. Benjamin D

    Titleist Thrusdays are amazing! Free fittings with trackman? Hit them up! I went and got fit for Driver / woods and wedges. Each one was a separate session.
  8. Dakota

    I second what Don said. I've got the same shafts in my irons and wedges, but it's also whatever you feel comfortable with.
  9. Milo B

    I agree with getting to a Titleist fitter.
    I play PX 6 shafts to 50* gap. but the stock Vokey shafts work best for me from 54* up.

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