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New Vokeys

Matthew B.

Three new Vokeys on their way. Can't wait to get out with them!

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  1. Luke W

    Awesome you will love them! What did you get?
  2. Jeffery M

    Congrats!! Got Vokey's 1st time this year and what a difference. Improved confidence in the short game. 46,50,54,58. They will lower your score. Enjoy!!
  3. Matthew B.

    50.08 F, 54.14 F, 58.12 K are what I ordered.
  4. BMaddigan

    I purchased a 60 degree at the end of last season, L grind 4 degree bounce. Christmas brought me a 56 degree, M grind, 8 degree bounce. Best wedges I ever had. I can get up and down from anywhere.
  5. Milo B

    Congrats! I started gaming the SM6 wedges last
    year, and have not looked back.

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