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Brian B

I'm about 3 weeks into my new retalationship with the sm6 54 and 60 degree m grind wedges. These out perform my old wedges in every aspect of the game. From bunkers to full shots on tight lies I love these clubs. I have to be honest I never loved the sm5 in bunkers and full wide open shots when the lie was thin. The new 6 not only fixes that but makes those shots fun again. If you have the sm5 don't hit the 6 cause it will cost you .. Thank you Team Titleist for amazing products!!!

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  1. rob m

    I agree completely! I put into play 46-50-56-60 SM6 black wedges last week & couldn't be happier. The feel & performance of these wedges are astounding.
  2. Jack H

    I am in complete agreement! Love the SM6s! Good luck with your 6s this year!
  3. Milo B

    Started playing SM6 M grind last year, and have not looked back.
    They feel awesome!

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