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BMaddigan Club Champion

2 months into the season, and I can't believe how much I love my new SM 6 wedges. I have always had a good short game, but when I get close enough to the green to get one in my hands, my scrambling percentage is off the charts. We have had a lot of rain in Southern Ontario so far this year, and I don't hit the ball very far off tee. So, I am only hitting 30% of the greens so far this year in regulation, but I am averaging 28 putts a round. Granted I am making a lot of putts, but I am consistently chipping within 3 feet every time I get to hit one of my new wedges. Can't wait for the warm weather.

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  1. John O

    I love my Vokey wedge. They definitely help the short game!
  2. Jack H

    That's awesome! I can relate! I have a 56 SM6 that I love using green side. I have been hitting about 40% of my GIRs, but been able to scramble well enough to save some good rounds. Hope you can keep up your scrambling! Good luck this season.

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