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SM5 distance loss from SM4


So i was lacking some spin with my wedges so i replaced my 56.10 & 60.04 SM4 with the same in SM5. What i have found is i can no longer play full shots with the SM5 at anywhere near what i was hitting my SM4 for example my 56 was 105m on full shot no lucky to get 80m. Yes i know worn grooves will add distance but this is something completly different. It is very frustrating. Pitch shots are fine just full swings.

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  1. Corey T

    DeanoBravo, I am assuming that you replaced your wedges with the identical wedge only new model (same loft and bounce, shaft, etc...)??? I switched from SM4 to SM5 and I haven't had any issues....
  2. rob m

    Did you have the loft & lie checked? Like Corey T is it the same shaft & flex?
  3. DeanoBravo

    Yes exactly same length, loft and lie. Used my old wedges and had them set exactly the same.
  4. Jack H

    That is weird. Are they going much higher? If so, may be do to more spin. I had a similar experience happen myself when I switched from a RTX 56 to a Titleist SM6. For me one thing that changed was bounce and grind. I had a 14 bounce RTX and now have 10 bounce S Grind SM6. The grind is the big difference for me. I love the S grind green side but suffer from longer range. Grind may be something to investigate since SM4 had less grind focus. Hope this helps!

  5. Corey T

    I would suggest having the lofts verified (I have my lofts checked every year when I replace the grips)
  6. Gary E

    You might want to check the weight of the club head.

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