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N.S.PRO MODUS3 WEDGE shaft available?

adrien t


I am looking to purchase 4 SM6 wedges; 46, 52, 58 and 62.

For the 46 and 52, as I want to hit them full shot mostly, I will go for the same shaft as my irons (NS PRO MODUS3 TOUR 125 stiff). If I'm not wrong this shaft is available in custom fit.

For the 58 and 62, I will never hit full shot with them, so I want a wedge specific shaft, within Nippon shaft, it's the N.S.PRO MODUS3 WEDGE 125. But looking at the Titleist custom fit catalog, this shaft is not available. Could you please confirm?

If this shaft is not available, can I ask titleist fitting department to soft stepped the shaft for the 58 and 62 by using an 8 iron shaft ? My goal is to have a softer flex for a better feel. Doing that way do you think I should keep the same flex (Stiff) as my irons or go up for the Xstiff ?

I'm also considering a flatter lie for the 58 and 62 compare to my irons which are 2° upright; I want the 58 and 62 only 1° upright. good idea or not? I'm also 1/2 inch longer in all my set.

Thanks! French guy who apologize for his poor english

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  1. Tom B

    Adrien, I went with the Nippon Modus3 125, but there is a $15 per shaft up charge since it's not a custom shaft, but well worth it, I love mine, feel is awesome!!

    I also put the Modus3 125 shaft in my 50 gap wedge for full shots, same as my irons, but went with the Modus3 wedge flex 115's in my 54 sand and 58 lob wedges which are the SM6's, since the 115's are a little heavier than my iron shafts!!

    I absolutely love the SM6 wedges with the Modus3 wedge flex in them, my confidence this year for getting up and down has skyrocketed!! Actually thinking of getting me another set of 6's right away so when my existing ones wear out!!

    I had to have my fitter order the gap, sand and lob wedge shafts and install them since you can't get the Modus3 wedge shaft custom!!

    The Modus3 shaft and wedge shaft I highly recommend, but that's me because I love the feel, flight and tight dispersion!! Good Luck!!
  2. adrien t

    Thanks for your feedback Tom,
    My first intention was to go for the Modus3 wedge flex 125 but as it's not available in custom fit and that I don't have a fitter, I was thinking for an alternative. And taking an iron 8 shaft (=soft stepped twice) seems to be a good one.

    By the way Modus3 wedge flex 115 is lighter than Nippon Modus3 125 :

    Post Image
  3. Tom B

    My bad, my shafts are the Modus120's regular flex hard stepped weighing around 110, then the 115 wedge flex weighs 122!! Sorry for the confusion!!
  4. adrien t

    Finally I got a reply from my seller and he's saying that Titleist fitting department cannot put an iron 8 shaft (=soft stepping twice) on my wedges... So basically there are no wedge shaft solution for those playing Nippon Shaft on Titleist club. What a pity!
  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hello Adrien, It should not be an issue to soft step the 8 iron shaft into the wedge. I am not sure who your seller spoke with, but if you contact, they should be able to guide you.
  6. adrien t

    Thank you Cathi,
    I contacted the guy in the UK and they can't do soft stepping but they can provide N.S.PRO MODUS3 WEDGE 125 which was my first choice, so it's even better! I may have to wait since it's an "exotic" shaft but It doesn't matter.

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