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Titleist/Vokey Amazing Company

N Anthony S

I arrived home from work on Wednesday to find a box sitting at my door. A brand new set of Vokey SM6 wedges that match my SM5's. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a member of the Vokey team inquiring about my current SM5 set up and how I liked them. They also said that they would be sending something for responding and being a member of Team Titleist.

Of course I was expecting something like a ball marker or even a hat but never this. The Titleist/Vokey team have truly made me a life long Titleist player.

Thank you all @Team Titleist and @Team Vokey.

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7 Replies

  1. Michael JC

    Best wedges out there by far!
    What an awesome , unexpected surprise coming home from work!
  2. Steve S

    Congratulations. Team Titleist membership definitely has its privileges.
  3. David A

    Wow, great story. Very cool!!!
  4. Jeremy B

    Too Cool!
  5. Chris G

    Congrats on the new SM6's, you will love them. I have a similar story but waiting to get a few rounds in, then give my review and feedback ... coming soon! @vokeywedges #teamtitleist

    Congrats....there is a new flag hunter in town...madgolfer
  7. SAnderson

    Congratulations on the new wedges, they look awesome.
    This has just got me thinking about swapping my out existing ones with a new set

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